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What is Amiqus ID?

Professional service businesses must first verify that a person or organisation is operating within the law before they can make a hire or engage in a contract or transaction. In practice, this means requesting compliance checks - such as verifying identity or financial status - while respecting a person's right to determine how certain personal information is used.

Built by an award-winning team, and continually updated in line with latest regulatory requirements, Amiqus ID is the secure online account from which to run, review and record all of your business's compliance checks.

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Why use Amiqus ID?

Amiqus ID saves businesses time and money by turning hours of paperwork into minutes of secure online compliance checks. Staff benefit from simple workflows and clear reporting, while clients or candidates are able to complete checks in their own time, from their own device and at a place of their choosing.

There are no hidden in-product fees, customers can benefit from training and ongoing technical support and Amiqus ID can scale to any size of business, from the conscientious freelancer to the trailblazing enterprise.

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How does it work?

Your business issues and keeps track of all requests for compliance checks from its Amiqus ID account. The person who should carry out your requested checks receives an email containing a secure link through which they confirm or provide certain personal information and documents. All personal information is encrypted throughout the process and the results of the checks are provided in a report that your businesses reviews within Amiqus ID.

There is no need for meetings or photocopying and the level of encryption means Amiqus ID is more secure than requesting personal documents be sent as email attachments. The average time taken to complete a full check is four minutes and progress is saved automatically, making the process secure, efficient and convenient for everyone involved.

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