Law Society of Scotland + Amiqus

Choose the Law Society of Scotland’s approved supplier and join hundreds of legal firms using Amiqus for client onboarding and staff vetting checks.

Person on laptop with the Law Society of Socland strategic partner logo.

Why Amiqus?

  • Amiqus works closely with the Law Society of Scotland to keep on top of AML regulation, so you can easily exceed regulators’ expectations
  • Amiqus enables you to complete your end-to-end AML process in minutes
  • Amiqus covers the full suite of checks needed, so you can automate your end-to-end checking process
  • Used by hundreds of legal firms across Scotland:
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Stay on top of ever-changing regulation

Staying on top of ever-changing regulation can be a real headache.

We are the Law Society of Scotland’s approved partner for AML. For that reason, we build and refine our product in consultation with them, ensuring it meets the latest regulation and the needs of members.

Photo: A handshake between Callum Murray and Paul Mosson
Callum Murray (CEO, Amiqus) with Paul Mosson (Director of Member Services, Law Society of Scotland)

Complete your AML process in minutes

The average law firm spends 5 days per month (SAR research), an entire working week, on their compliance admin. With Amiqus, it’s possible to complete your end-to-end AML process in minutes.

Automate your end-to-end checking process

Amiqus brings all the checks you need to complete the end-to-end client onboarding and staff vetting into one secure online account.

You’ll no longer need to chase documentation and spend hours back-and-forth emailing. Initiate the process in a few clicks. Your client or candidate can then complete the checks from the convenience of their personal device.

Talk to us

By booking a meeting you’ll get a personalised product walkthrough, advice on your specific business needs and an overview of Amiqus pricing plans.