How Harper Macleod Transformed Their AML Compliance with Amiqus

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Harper Macleod sought to enhance AML compliance, addressing a £3.9 million loss in billable hours from manual processes.


Amiqus streamlined AML checks and client onboarding, providing tailored solutions resulting in over 12,000 successful client checks.


Amiqus transformed AML documentation review from hours to minutes, reducing end-to-end processes to just 2 days.


Harper MacLeod, one of Scotland’s leading independent law firms, has supported Scottish entrepreneurship through the Scottish EDGE, where they provide funding and mentorship to startups. 

Seven years ago, Amiqus pitched their innovative solution to Harper Macleod’s chairperson, Professor Lorne Crerar as part of the Scottish EDGE competition. The law firm supported Amiqus in its early stages and this initial connection set the stage for a significant partnership that would unfold in the coming years.

“Our relationship with Amiqus has matured over time having first met them through our partnership with Scottish EDGE. At that early stage, the potential in what they could achieve was pretty evident, so it’s rewarding to see the team develop into what it is today.”


In recent years, Harper Macleod recognised the need to modernise its approach to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance checks and client due diligence processes, also known as Policies, Controls & Processes (PCPs). The firm aimed to digitise and centralise these critical operations to enhance efficiency and reduce the substantial loss of £3.9 million in billable hours attributed to manual AML compliance management.


With a vision to streamline their end-to-end AML compliance and client onboarding processes, Harper Macleod sought the expertise of Amiqus. Their primary objective was to transition to a centralised system that could efficiently handle AML compliance checks and client due diligence.

Amiqus provided a comprehensive solution tailored to Harper Macleod’s requirements. The platform enabled Harper Macleod to perform various checks, including ID verification, identity checks, screening for politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions and adverse media screening, credit checks, and source of funds verification. These checks were essential components of the law firm’s AML compliance requirements. 

With Amiqus, Harper Macleod streamlined the entire process, reducing the time required for sending the check request, receiving documents from clients and reviewing the documents, to only 2 days.

“With them knowing Harper Macleod as they do, Amiqus has been able to deliver a service bespoke to what we need, not just to strengthen our compliance responsibilities, but to continually improve how we collaborate with our clients.”


Amiqus worked closely with Harper Macleod during the implementation phase. This collaboration included a series of training sessions conducted over two weeks, designed to familiarise Harper Macleod staff with the Amiqus platform and its functionalities.

Furthermore, Amiqus provided ongoing support through regular Q&A sessions during the initial adoption phase to address any queries or concerns.

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Amiqus conducted eight 1.5-hour training sessions with the Harper Macleod team. Within the first two weeks of going live, Amiqus also hosted eight 30-minute Q&A sessions.


Since integrating Amiqus into their operations, Harper Macleod has successfully conducted over 12,000 client checks. 

The impact has been transformational. Previously, reviewing AML documentation for clients took Harper Macleod anywhere from 1 to 12 hours However, with Amiqus, this task could now be accomplished in a matter of minutes

The time taken by Harper Macleod to complete end-to-end AML compliance checks and client onboarding processes, including sending the check request, receiving documents from clients, and reviewing the documents, was reduced to only 2 days. In cases where they received the documents from clients earlier, the process was even faster.

This streamlined workflow has improved productivity and operational efficiency, resulting in significant time and cost savings for Harper Macleod.


“By investing in new AML compliance procedures and partnering with Amiqus, we’ve been able to focus more on delivering high-quality advice to meet client needs, knowing that an increasing amount of compliance matters are being dealt with safely and efficiently.”

The collaboration between Harper Macleod and Amiqus showcases the potential of technology to revolutionise conventional processes. What began as a supportive relationship through Scottish EDGE has come full circle, with Amiqus evolving into a partner and software supplier for Harper Macleod. 

By embracing digitalisation and automation, Harper Macleod has improved its AML compliance and enhanced its overall operational efficiency, setting a precedent for other organisations seeking similar transformations in the legal sector.

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