Identifying the first steps towards creating an accessible online marketplace for legal expertise, advice and services.

Current reality

Legal firms are struggling to keep up with consumer expectations of service delivery while maintaining the quality and security their business demands.

This issue is made more pressing with the Competitive Market Authority’s expectations on legal services to become more transparent and accessible to people experiencing legal problems.

As a result, legal firms are uncomfortably scrambling to create new compelling ways to reach customers and future proof their business.

What we’re working towards

In the future, legal firms will have a platform enabling them to deliver their services seamlessly and securely online, allowing them to reach new clients and raising the standards of legal service delivery.

The work of identifying a list of initial services and providers for our future marketplace has already begun and we are testing our assumptions through collaboration with firms like Thorntons and Anderson Strathern; running workshops and design sprints to establish operating principles; mapping out customer journeys and testing the viability of this kind of profit for purpose business model.