Anti-money laundering and compliance checks for regulated professions


  • Check identity records

    Compare client details against multiple government databases and sources.

    Domestic and international PEP screening and sanctions lists checks with continuous monitoring.

    Fully compliant with EU anti-money laundering requirements.

  • Verify photo identification

    Verify client documentation via image capture and upload.

    Make validity and security checks with face match scanning.

    Ensure authenticity for over 130 countries.

  • Company data and ownership

    Companies House company lookup.

    International sources, over 120 million entities covered.

    Check company directors, ownership and control.

    Screen domestic and international sanctions lists and adverse media with continuous monitoring.

Checks and request options

  • Identity check

    UK wide check

    Check client and staff identity and address details.

  • Photo ID check

    Worldwide check

    Verify a passport, driving licence or national identity card from 130 countries.

  • Credit report

    UK wide check

    Get details of bankruptcies, insolvencies or court judgments plus address history and electoral roll.

  • Disclosure checks

    UK wide check

    Process Basic Disclosure checks with DBS and Disclosure Scotland.

    Standard and Enhanced DBS checks coming soon.

  • PEPs, sanctions and adverse media

    Worldwide check

    Check if clients are politically exposed, appears on sanctions lists or is linked to crime by the media, with options for daily monitoring and alerts.

  • Send and request documents

    Securely send and receive documents, like signed contracts with the option to ask for confirmation of receipt.

  • Custom forms

    Create and send your own forms to collect data for faster onboarding. Forms can also be used internally to manage data such as risk assessments*.

    *Get started quickly with our ICAS and Law Society of Scotland approved risk assessment forms.

The Amiqus ID Process

4 minutes

The average time taken to complete a full check is four minutes. Prospective clients are able to start and return to complete the process later if they are interrupted or don’t have all the information required when asked. Progress is saved automatically.

The Amiqus Process

A unique link with timed expiry is sent to a prospective client by email.

The client then enters a secure portal to provide their contact details and some general information, such as address and telephone number.

The client may also be asked to take a verifying picture of their documents via their device camera or to upload documents such as utility bills or bank statements.

The requesting professional or company can then access the results within a few minutes in their Amiqus ID account.

Helping you comply

As part of the global fight against money laundering, identity fraud and counter-terrorism, international regulation is on the increase.

Amiqus ID is accessible, affordable and can be scaled and deployed to integrate with any size of company that wishes to use technology to make compliance easier.

At no additional cost, we continuously improve our products in line with the latest regulatory changes: helping your firm to comply with the latest anti-money laundering and data privacy standards, while improving compliance processes for clients and staff.

Amiqus ID is an approved supplier of the Law Society of Scotland member benefits.

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As a Direct Access Barrister with a litigation practice, it’s difficult managing incoming client care, because I’m in court and tribunal frequently.

I rely on Amiqus ID to securely handle my money laundering checks and client onboarding. This time consuming and laborious process has now become as easy as sending an email. I use Amiqus ID with all new clients, which is a seamless, convenient and cost effective solution.

— Blair Toner, Barrister

Accessible anywhere

Enabled for any device so clients can undergo checks remotely or in person, saving you and your client time, hassle and expense with our secure online checks.

Reduces risk

Unexpected request to change bank details or suspicious behaviour? Instantly verify accounts and update records, while controlling access to sensitive data.

Convenient for staff

Maintain relationships, recheck remote clients, record internal decision-making with audit trail and meet regulatory compliance with ease.

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