We understand justice problems & resolve them. We’re linking technology & Open Data with legal experts to make civil justice available to everyone. 
We believe in being open & using business as a driver of positive change and a force for good.

Our Values

We’re led by our values. They hold us accountable for our decision making and the actions we take.

Good Governance

We work with sensitive, personal and commercial data. Everything we design and build has data integrity, security & privacy at its core. We’ll work continuously to recognise and reduce potential risks to our systems, products and your data.

We develop and collaborate with the very best people to build reliable products and keep them secure.

Delivering Positive Impact

Our work & actions will always be aligned with improving process & systems which create or improve access to justice and outcomes for everyone regardless of location, access to capital or resource.

We’re levelling the playing field and democratising legal information.

Creating Trust

Trust is everything, trust that we make the right decisions, trust that we’re a capable team of good people, able to make competent decisions and trust that our products are robust.

We’re as transparent as we possibly can be with all aspects of our business - our products, our communication and our impact.

Learning & Improving

As a team we’re always learning and improving ourselves, how we work, build our products and work together.

We won’t settle for the status quo and we’ll stick to our values.

Always Innovating

Outcome driven innovation is fundamental to all of our work, we’ll always work to understand user needs and deliver value with everything we build and do.