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Remotely verify and onboard staff or clients in minutes with the market-leading compliance platform for legal, recruitment, public sector and financial services.

How you can use Amiqus

Manage your end-to-end compliance and onboarding process securely from a single platform

Identity verification

Identity verification checks

Remotely and securely verify the identity of your clients in minutes

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right to work checks

Right to work checks

Digitally verify your candidate’s right to work in the UK

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pre-employment checks

Pre-employment checks

Turn weeks of manual paperwork into minutes of remote vetting

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anti-money laundering

Anti-money laundering checks

Meet anti-money laundering compliance requirements

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right to rent checks

Right to rent checks

Digitally verify a tenant’s right to rent in seconds

Digital right to rent checks
women shaking hands in front of laptop screen showing candidate profiles

Seamless digital DBS checks

Carry out end-to-end basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks

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Why choose Amiqus

In a crowded market of ID verification software and Identity Service Providers (IDSPs), finding a comprehensive compliance and onboarding solution can be challenging. This leads to delays, complexities, candidate confusion, and the hassle of managing multiple providers for compliance and staff vetting checks.

Amiqus stands out as a UK government-certified IDSP, offering an accredited end-to-end approach for AML/KYC, client due diligence, and pre-employment screening. Our aim is to simplify and streamline your compliance and onboarding processes, saving you time and effort.

What sets us apart is our strategic partnership with regulators, including organisations like the Law Society of Scotland, ICAS, the REC, and APSCo. These partnerships ensure your compliance with the latest AML and right to work guidance, aligning our solutions with industry standards and best practices.

Why choose Amiqus?

  • Simple and user-friendly platform, allowing your clients/candidates to complete checks in minutes
  • Stay compliant with AML/KYC, Right to Work regulations and guidance with a Government-certified IDSP
  • Effortlessly manage all AML/KYC and pre-employment checks from a single place
  • No expiry dates on credits and both monthy and annual payment options
  • We collaborate with renowned regulators, including the Law Society of Scotland and Newcastle, ICAS, the REC, and APSCo, exceeding regulatory standards.

Streamline your onboarding process with comprehensive AML/KYC and Pre-Employment checks all in one place

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Meet the latest regulation

Ensure compliance with government approved LSAG guidance on AML and UK Trust framework for right to work checks.

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Hassle free audits

Securely hold all client data in one place for audits

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Easy to use

Candidates can complete checks easily from their own device. Both app and non app routes

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No long term commitment

With Amiqus credits don’t expire. We offer flexible commitment options.

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Expert support

Real-time human support for you and your candidates

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Fast and easy API integration

Send Amiqus requests through your case management software

Client Success Stories

The Scottish Government Riaghaltas na h-Alba logo

How Scottish government turned months of paperwork into days of secure staff vetting

The Scottish Government People Directorate manages around 3,000 new hires every single year. Amiqus began working with the People Directorate with the goal of improving the pre-employment experience for civil service candidates, while significantly reducing the workload for HR teams.

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reduction in pre-employment processing time


time taken to receive candidate information

2 days

time taken to provide candidate with start date

Thorntons logo

How Thorntons complete their client ID and verification process in minutes

Thorntons are a top 5 commercial law firm in Scotland, turning over £25m+ annually. Their client ID and verification process used to take up to 10 days to complete, including scheduling meetings, collecting documents and managing the process. Amiqus supported them in streamlining their ID request process, expediting the checks and reducing admin.

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Under 1 day

to complete client identity and verification

100% of surveyed

Thorntons employees found Amiqus quicker and easier

98% of surveyed

Thornton clients reported they found Amiqus easy to use

Make your compliance and onboarding process 4x faster

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