Notebook Vol 1: Labs

What makes tech for good? Good people working to the right priorities for the right reasons. Learn some of the step-by-step design processes we use to solve problems and try them out for yourself. It’s our gift to anyone once told “it will never work”.

Illustration of design sprint board

Why you should read this

  • An interactive notebook that will help you bring big ideas to life
  • How Amiqus is solving the problems we care about most
  • How to create a meaningful product statement
  • A step-by-step guide to carrying out a design sprint
  • How you can take part in Labs


  1. The path to progress
  2. One complex problem at a time
  3. The role of research and development
  4. Developing a marketplace
  5. Diary of a design sprint
  6. Raising the bar in public sector procurement
  7. Tech partnerships for better outcomes
  8. Take part in Labs

Created by

  • Laura Westring, Editor and contributor
  • Alex Durussel-Baker, Designer and contributor
  • Angie Glynou, Illustrator
  • Caroline Smith, Contributor
  • Lisa Mahoney, Contributor