Public Sector + Amiqus


Procuring software to improve workflows in the public sector can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. Amiqus ID is affordable, scalable, easy to use and our team provides ongoing support.

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Simple integration

Moving from your current compliance process to a new, online system can be a daunting task.

Our award-winning team has been built to support you with this - whether that's making sure it's simple for staff to move away from paper-based processes, quickly answering day-to-day technical or regulatory questions or ensuring costs are transparent.

Furthermore, Amiqus ID can be scaled to work for any size of company and for those who struggle with technology, checks can be carried out in-person.

Amiqus ID provides a great customer experience, simplicity and a secure, private and accessible platform.

Ready to see Amiqus ID in action?

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