Streamline Candidate Vetting With Custom Forms

Laptop screen showing custom form logic in the new Automated Employment Referencing check.

Employment reference checks play a crucial role in pre-employment screening, offering invaluable insights into candidates’ work history.

Traditionally, referencing has been a manual and time-consuming process, leading to prolonged time-to-hire periods. At Amiqus, we have tackled these challenges by introducing robust Automated Employment Referencing.

New for 2024, our Automated Employment Referencing check now comes with custom form functionality, allowing you to collect specific information about each candidate without the need for lengthy email trails, paper-based forms, or manual chasing.

Automated Employment Referencing: A Quick Overview

Our latest verification check allows you to quickly and effortlessly verify references via a fully automated process, and centralised secure hub. Simply configure and send the candidate the request, specifying the time frame and any employment gaps that require evidence. The candidate then fills in the details at their convenience, before referees are automatically notified to provide verification. Once completed, the details will be sent back to the system for you to review and confirm in a matter of minutes. On average, you’ll save up to 30 minutes per every candidate reference verification.

Automated Employment Referencing will allow you to:

  • Reliably collect employment history, including evidenced gaps.
  • Reliably collect competency and behavioural information from the referee using a custom form.
  • Automatically request confirmation of roles via emails to referees.
  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to manually chase non-responders.
  • Easily manage your internal reviews within the Amiqus platform.

New Custom Forms Functionality

Want more information on your candidates, or need to collect specific details from referees? Automated Employment Referencing now includes the ability to send custom forms with your reference request. This allows you to gather more than just confirmation of the employer, role, and employment dates; you now have the ability to gather competency and behavioural information about the candidate, such as:

  • Can they work independently, and collaborate with colleagues?
  • How flexible, adaptable, dependable, and reliable are they?
  • Is their work output efficient, and of consistently high quality?
  • Have they been through periods of sickness leave?
  • Can you provide details of any current disciplinary investigations or sanctions?
  • Do you know of any reason why we should not employ the candidate? Would you re-employ them?

The above is simply a selection of what you can use the forms for; the fully bespoke function means you can collect exactly what you need to suit your company, and from each candidate.

Full Transparency and Security

To keep the candidate informed of exactly what is being asked of the referee, the questions will be shown to the candidate during the consent confirmation stage of the process before they’re sent to the referee. The candidate must verify the details of their previous employment, and provide consent for those details to be shared with the relevant referee.

Amiqus is certified to an external information security standard – ISO27001:13 – and subject to annual audit. As part of Amiqus’ commitment to maintaining this standard, an extensive number of security controls are in place. 

Get Started

Ready to streamline your staff onboarding process, and gather more crucial data in less time? Email our experts today, and see how Automated Employment Referencing makes it happen.

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