Amiqus x Clio

Connect your Amiqus and Clio accounts to eliminate unnecessary admin, reduce risk, and save valuable time and costs

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Clio Experience with Amiqus Integration

Are you a Clio user? Elevate your practice with Amiqus’ seamless integration with Clio, offering robust KYC/AML compliance and end-to-end onboarding functionality.

Our solution is tailored to suit the needs of law firms of any size – from sole practitioners and SMEs to large enterprises.

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Key features of the integration

Effortless onboarding workflows: Benefit from Amiqus’ pre-built client onboarding workflows designed to streamline your processes.

Comprehensive compliance dashboard: Access a centralised compliance dashboard within Clio. Conduct a wide range of AML/KYC checks, including photo ID verification, source of funds, PEPs, sanctions, adverse media, and more.

All-in-one platform: Why juggle multiple providers? Manage cases, billing, compliance, onboarding, and more seamlessly through the Amiqus and Clio integration. Enjoy the convenience of a centralised platform, reducing the risk of manual errors and increasing billable efficiency.

How does the integration work?

Import existing Clio clients to Amiqus and complete compliance checks effortlessly. Export Amiqus reporting back to your Clio account with just one click. Watch the video for a quick tutorial.

You can also export the internal audit trail of onboarding decision-making, digital risk assessments, AML certification, client data, and more to Clio.

Benefits of using Amiqus and Clio

All-in-one solution

Conduct all AML/KYC checks on clients via Amiqus and export results to Clio

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Save time and costs

Transform weeks of admin into minutes online with integrated workflows and risk assessments

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User-friendly interface

Your clients can complete checks from their own device in a few clicks

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Reduce risk

Securely oversee client compliance and admin processes, following the latest regulations

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Effortless audits

Maintain an internal audit trail of onboarding decision-making to show auditors

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Centralised data management

All data is stored in one place, eliminating the need for double entry in the two platforms

Client success – Fords Daly Legal

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FDL provides an excellent remote experience to their clients with Amiqus and Clio

“We use Clio for our case management, which Amiqus integrates with: helping us to save time and focus on how we grow the firm; on how we can provide exceptional client service, no matter the circumstances.” – Lauren Daly, Director at FDL

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Under 24 hrs

for FDL to get set up with Amiqus

Under 3 minutes

for FDL’s clients to complete checks


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