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We’re building the UK’s most trusted compliance and onboarding platform


Helping regulated businesses and professionals

Before a regulated professional can take on a new client, they need to know who that person is and the level of risk that’s linked to them. They need to prove to regulators that they are doing everything within their power to negate the risk of being used as a front for crimes such as money laundering.

Our founding team realised that if we could help regulated professionals to overcome these practical obstacles, we could change the way they work. What we created was Amiqus, a product that solves compliance and onboarding challenges for businesses taking on new clients or hiring staff.

Deloitte - Technology Fast 50 2022 UK Winner

We’re one of the top 20 fastest growing tech businesses in the UK

Today, we are the fastest growing tech business in Scotland and the 20th across the UK. Certified by the government and trusted by regulators, Amiqus has grown its staff and client onboarding platform across sectors to support Scottish Government, NHS, tier one financial service firms and hundreds of regulated businesses to engage digitally with staff and clients at scale.

Relied upon by 9 out of 10 biggest law firms in Scotland, Amiqus has powered more than one million checks to help people access legal help, get fast financial advice, access financial products, move home or jobs.

“Even when a person knows they are in the right, attempts at justice are fraught with uncertainty. Can I afford to see it through? Will all of this lead to a positive outcome? Is this a complete waste of my time? My first hand experience of these questions led to a conversation over a burrito, followed by creation of a founding team and some critical early support from The Data Lab. Fast forward a few months and we had a product prototype to help people get some of the answers they need.”

Making legal help accessible

Most of us will face a legal problem at some stage in our lives, whether that is a dispute with a neighbour, employer or vendor, but too few people are equipped with the expert advice and financial resources to begin resolving their problem.

In 2008, our CEO Callum Murray was looking for legal and financial support for his business, but finding and accessing that support was complex, time consuming and expensive.

He thought that expertise and information could and should be more accessible for everyone and started to build a team to make it possible.

Find out more about Callum’s story on the First Time Founder podcast.

Our Purpose and values

To be the UK’s most trusted compliance and onboarding platform, while motivating our social value-led research, partnerships and product development.



We’re upfront about what we can help you with and what we can’t.



Your data has value and we will always work to protect it.



We make it easy to access our platform and its connected services.

“All businesses have a duty of care to the people they serve and the planet they rely on. You may know Amiqus for our identity verification software, but we hope you’ve also come to know us as a pioneering company with heart. We’ve had success in creating a product that helps our clients make good decisions about who to work with or whom to employ.”

Amiqus x The Business Purpose Commission

Amiqus' purpose and strategy has been discussed in detail by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry in their report on purpose in Scottish business.

image of Amiqus team

Amiqus is growing purposefully

We’re tackling one complex problem at a time with a growing team of talented people; working for impact and building value for the long term.

We’re trusted

We’re fair

We’re award winning

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