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Manage identity verification to the most rigorous standards whilst keeping things simple and accessible for everyone involved.

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Identity verification made simple

When taking on a new client or hiring an employee, the first step to working with them is to check they are who they say they are.

Amiqus makes it easy, fast and more secure to verify your clients’ identity and gives them the easy option to remotely complete checks from their own device.

  • Say goodbye to manual checks via email or photocopied documents
  • Eliminate the risk of falling below the minimum regulatory standards
  • Digitalise and automate your process to improve efficiency
  • Onboard clients faster and create a good user experience
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More than just an identity verification software

Amiqus provides business-critical software at scale to support your regulatory obligations linked to digital identity, anti-money laundering and pre-employment screening.

Whether you’re hiring a new member of staff, legally supporting someone through a house purchase or carrying out due diligence on a new client, Amiqus covers the full range of checks needed. You can conduct a suite of checks and streamline the end-to-end client onboarding process, all from a single platform.

UK wide Identity checks and global photo ID checks to ensure compliance, all from a single platform

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Flexible and user friendly

Your clients can complete checks on a mobile app, tablet or computer

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Global photo ID verification

Verify the authenticity of identity documents from 195 countries

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Highest standards of security

Data is encrypted and not shared with unauthorised third parties

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Mitigate identity theft risk

Advanced verification using NFC and facial recognition technology

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Less admin

Automate the full client or candidate vetting process

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Seamless integration

Use our API to connect to your CRM and internal systems

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How we are better

Our identity verification service is certified to the highest standards under the UK Trust Framework. We partner with the best data suppliers in the industry, like Onfido and TransUnion, to validate the identity documents and details provided by your client.

With Amiqus, you can conduct a range of checks digitally from a single platform, without having to meet your clients or candidates in person. Our process is fully digitalised, removing the potential of human error risk and enabling you to conduct checks in minutes. All information transmitted during document checking is end-to-end encrypted, keeping your client data secure.

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"Amiqus allows us to safely verify the identity of our clients and comply with anti-money laundering rules and regulations. As it’s completed online, it allows the client to do so at a time which is suitable to them. It also allows us to verify the identity of overseas clients easily."

Client Success Stories

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How Thorntons complete their client ID and verification process in minutes

Thorntons are a top 5 commercial law firm in Scotland, turning over £25m+ annually. Their client ID and verification process used to take up to 10 days to complete, including scheduling meetings, collecting documents and managing the process. Amiqus supported them in streamlining their ID request process, expediting the checks and reducing admin.

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to complete client identity and verification

100% of surveyed

Thorntons employees found Amiqus quicker and easier

98% of surveyed

Thornton clients reported they found Amiqus easy to use

Make your client ID and verification process 7x faster

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