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Anti-money laundering compliance, made simple

Regulation is on the rise and so are sanctions. Protecting your business, managing clients’ personal data, vetting staff and meeting regulatory expectations have for many become a full-time job.

The average firm spends four days per month on paper-based compliance, draining resources and costing you money.

With Amiqus you can turn hours of paper-based admin into minutes of online activity and keep personal data secure with end-to-end encryption. Use Amiqus for staff background checks, including criminal record, as well as AML compliance checks for clients.

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Stay on top of AML regulation and government guidance

Amiqus can help you ensure compliance with government approved LSAG guidance on AML and the latest legislation. With Amiqus, you can easily conduct a suite of checks needed for AML screening for both staff and clients, such as:

  • Identity reports, including proof of address
  • Photo ID verification
  • PEPs, sanctions and adverse media
  • Source of funds
  • Companies lookup
  • Criminal record checks
  • Credit reports
  • Meet HM Land Registry Safe Harbour standard

Bring all AML and KYC checks you need in one place and streamline your onboarding process

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Enhanced due diligence

Enable the highest level of due diligence in line with latest regulation

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Robust sanctions screening

Access real time data on politically exposed persons and sanctions

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We use open banking technology

Securely gather and verify clients’ source of funds in minutes

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Hassle free audits

Securely hold all client data in one place for audits

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Risk assessment management

Easily complete risk assessments using approved templates

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Simple and intuitive

Your clients can complete AML checks in a few simple steps

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Why choose Amiqus

As a UK government-certified identity service provider, Amiqus offers an accredited end-to-end approach covering all aspects of AML, KYC and client due diligence. This includes the full range of checks needed for AML/KYC for both staff and clients, easy onboarding and digital back office management.

Through our strategic partnership with regulators across sectors, such as the Law Society of Scotland and ICAS, we ensure that you stay compliant with the latest AML guidance and regulation.

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“Having access to Amiqus remotely enables staff to continue to monitor AML checks, and organise their AML workload with ease at home.”

Client Success Stories

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How FDL complete their source of funds checks in minutes

By using Amiqus to conduct source of funds checks as part of their AML compliance, Fords Daly Legal (FDL) were able to reduce administrative burden, future-proof their business, ensure watertight compliance and provide an excellent remote experience to their clients.

Read the full case study


Under 24 hrs

for FDL to get set up with Amiqus

Under 3 minutes

for FDL’s clients to submit checks


check completion rate

Save time, money and effort on AML checks and processes

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