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Amiqus is the UK’s market leading compliance and onboarding platform and the 5th fastest-growing fintech across the UK. We support more than 500+ organisations of all sizes across different sectors.

Whether it’s digital identity verification, AML/KYC checks or pre-employment screening, Amiqus enables you to carry out a full range of checks and digital back office management, all from a single platform.

The result is a fast, simple and secure process for you and your clients;
less costs, more productivity.

How you can use Amiqus

Manage your end-to-end compliance and onboarding process securely from a single platform

right to work checks

Right to work checks

Carry out both right to work and criminal record checks from a single platform

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pre-employment checks

Pre-employment checks

Turn weeks of pre-employment manual paperwork into minutes of remote vetting

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Identity verification

Identity verification

Remotely and securely verify your clients and staff in minutes

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anti-money laundering

Anti-money laundering

Prevent fraud and meet legal requirements more efficiently

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right to rent checks

Right to rent checks

Digitally verify a tenant’s right to rent in seconds

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Fully digital DBS checks

Carry out fully digital, end-to-end basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks

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How Amiqus can help your business

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Ensure compliance

Adhere to the latest guidance and regulations with a certified IDSP

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Onboard staff and clients faster

Turn weeks of admin into days of fast, repeatable processes

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Simple and intuitive

Clients and candidates can easily complete checks in a few simple steps

Be audit ready

Maintain a centralised audit trail to prove compliance to auditors

Reduce cost and complexity

Automate the full client due diligence and candidate vetting process

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Integrate with your systems

Use our API to connect to your CRM and internal systems

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Why choose Amiqus

Whether you’re a small business just getting to grips with right to work and AML regulation or a large organisation looking to scale up your processes, we can help.

Amiqus is more than just an onboarding and compliance platform. We bring all the checks, forms and documents you need into one place. This eliminates the need to use third-party systems, allowing you to securely onboard clients and candidates in minutes.

Client Success Stories

How Thorntons improved their client ID and verification process

Thorntons client ID and verification process used to take up to 10 days to complete, including scheduling meetings and collecting documents. Amiqus supported them in streamlining their ID request process, expediting the checks and reducing admin.

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Less than 1 day

to complete client ID and verification


of surveyed employees found Amiqus quicker and easier to use


of surveyed Thorntons clients found Amiqus easy to use

  • Prove, manage and share your identity in seconds
  • Take control of your information and who has access
  • Forget the hassle of locating and uploading documents
  • Securely store your encrypted details

A digital wallet for your personal information

Every major life event, such as renting a flat, buying a house, writing a will, employing an accountant, finding legal help or switching jobs requires you to prove your identity repeatedly to meet compliance regulations.

Our network of 500+ organisations across sectors is working together to make this outdated and frustrating process a thing of the past.

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