Receive preferential access to AMLify’s expert AML advice at discounted rates

The Amiqus team announcing membership with a member from amlify.

Experts on hand, thanks to Amiqus

AMLify are an expert anti-money laundering and compliance consultancy service, helping businesses with AML and CTF compliance and ensure an overall reduced vulnerability to financial crime

In response to increasing client demand, AMLify by MacRoberts Group, bolster the Amiqus offering with specialist educational support and training, auditing and consultancy services in relation to anti-money laundering legislation across sectors in the UK.

Two illustrated characters shaking hands with a connected puzzle piece in the background. This represents a partnership.

Adopt compliance best practices

AMLify offer masterclasses, workshops and training sessions tailored to organisational needs. Amiqus clients have preferential access to the packages offered by AMLify at a discounted rate.

They will also get access to invite only webinars and AMLRO forums hosted by AMLify, covering AML ‘hot topics’ , regulatory updates, FAQ’s and practical advice to implement a proactive approach to internal and client compliance processes.

“By partnering with AMLify, we’re combining their expert, specific and actionable advice with our trusted software platform, delivering value at scale for our clients. We’re committed in the near term for Amiqus to be recognised as the most trusted compliance platform across sectors in the UK, this partnership marks another purposeful step towards realising this objective.”