Amiqus x Denovo

Embrace the future of legal efficiency and compliance through seamless integration between Amiqus and Denovo

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Amiqus integrates with Denovo's legal software platform

Experience the synergy of Denovo and Amiqus – a robust integration partnership built for law firms.

Denovo’s CaseLoad system offers unparalleled flexibility for case management, accessible from any device. Amiqus complements this with a comprehensive range of client due diligence processes, Know-Your-Customer/Anti-Money Laundering checks, and client onboarding.

Together, we eliminate unnecessary paperwork, introducing a secure online compliance check system that saves time and costs for law firms nationwide.


It's not about making things digital – it's about making them better

Whether you’re a newcomer to online case management and compliance systems or already well-versed, Denovo and Amiqus, have created strong support networks to swiftly get you up and running.

Amiqus can be scaled to work for any size of law firm, so whether you’re a sole practitioner, SME or large enterprise, we can meet your needs.

Amiqus seamlessly integrates workflows, digital risk assessments, internal decision-making audits, AML certification and client data with CaseLoad, eliminating duplication.

Benefits of using Amiqus and Denovo

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All-in-one solution

Complete all AML/KYC checks via Amiqus in your Denovo account

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Save time

Turn weeks of administrative tasks into minutes of online activity

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Simple and intuitive

Easily send and complete check requests in a few simple steps

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Reduce risk

Securely manage all client-related compliance admin and processes

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Hassle-free audits

Store all client data in one place for internal decision-making audits

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Provide great client experience

Leverage integration workflows to ensure seamless client onboarding

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Case study: Wallace Quinn

Discover the seamless synergy of Amiqus and CaseLoad as described by Mark McBride, Solicitor and Director at Wallace Quinn. With both platforms unified in one place, his firm efficiently manages client onboarding and compliance remotely, offering convenience and flexibility.

With ongoing monthly additions of efficiency-enhancing features, there has never been a better time to integrate these platforms into your legal practice.