Get seamless access to the Onfido software through Amiqus

Fully remote identity verification in line with the highest standards

Onfido is a technology company that helps businesses verify people’s identities using a photo-based identity document, a selfie and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Amiqus and Onfido have partnered to provide identity verification for screening checks. Both organisations have achieved the UK’s Trust framework high confidence certification, ensuring that the highest standards for identity verification are met.

By leveraging Onfido’s advanced Document Verification enhanced with NFC analysis and Biometric Verification, we enhance Amiqus’ candidate screening process, Right to work, and DBS checks to provide the utmost accuracy and reliability.

Two women shaking hands to within a desktop interface to confirm partnership.

Seamless integration to easily manage end to end onboarding

The Onfido software is embedded to our award winning onboarding software which allows our clients to manage the full end to end onboarding process digitally and securely.

The Onfido integration is built into the user journey to offer seamless access to the Onfido software through Amiqus.

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“Businesses needing to verify user’s identity digitally for Right to Work, Right to Rent status, DBS, or access regulated products or services, can streamline this process with digital identity verification that can also improve accuracy and reduce fraud. The high confidence certification from the UK Trust Framework gives our customers continued assurances that we are meeting best-in-class standards”