Amiqus Partners with the UK Research and Innovation Centre for Doctoral Training in Designing Responsible NLP

In a significant step towards nurturing the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Amiqus has partnered with The UKRI AI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Responsible and Trustworthy in-the-world Natural Language Processing (NLP), hosted by the University of Edinburgh. This collaboration aims to provide funding and research support to PhD studentships commencing in 2024.

CDTs offer cohort-based doctoral training, focusing on the application and implications of both emerging and existing AI technologies. Over the course of five years, the program plans to recruit 10-15 doctoral researchers annually, each granted four years to complete their PhD.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a key component of AI, blending computer science and language studies. It’s moved beyond research labs and is now essential for many everyday applications. Amiqus’s journey with NLP dates back to its inception in 2015, where exploration began on leveraging NLP to democratise access to legal information and overcome barriers to justice and legal advice.

While mature NLP systems offer powerful capabilities for creating innovative products, services, and interactive experiences rooted in natural language, they also pose significant challenges in responsible and trustworthy design, adoption, and deployment.

Recognising these challenges, Amiqus, as a CDT partner, is committed to helping students get the skills, knowledge, and experience required to study and design real-world applications of NLP with responsible and trustworthy design principles at the forefront.

Moreover, Amiqus is committed to providing students with invaluable opportunities such as placements, internships, and real-world challenges, mirroring its successful collaboration with Black Professionals United Kingdom (BPUK). Through the partnership with BPUK, Amiqus offers paid internship opportunities and pathways to employment in the engineering domain, with two former interns successfully transitioning into full-time roles within the company, highlighting the effectiveness of such initiatives.

The CDT aims to fund up to 12 studentships for the 2024 intake, with ongoing recruitment opportunities throughout the year. Interested candidates are encouraged to monitor updates on the CDT website for further details on the application process.

Since its establishment in 2015, Amiqus has remained steadfast in its commitment to sustainable and purposeful growth. The company’s ethos revolves around investing in its people, conducting social value R&D, and advocating for a “well-being economy.” 

This commitment is evidenced by its diverse range of partnerships and engagements, including collaborations with the UK government and regulators to support digital identity adoption and initiatives with organisations like the Scottish Refugee Council (SRC) to address digital exclusion and barriers faced by vulnerable groups.As a Law Society of Scotland strategic partner and members of the LawscotTech Advisory Board, we look forward to working with the CDT to bring students’ work closer to the forefront of the legal profession. Looking ahead, Amiqus envisions its partnership with the CDT and its funding support as a catalyst for long-term value creation in the responsible NLP and human-AI interaction domain that can be applied to future policy and regulation.

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