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Verify and onboard candidates 4x faster with Amiqus

In today’s competitive healthcare job market, we understand the urgency to hire and onboard candidates swiftly. Amiqus provides a seamless digital platform that streamlines your pre-employment screening and background check processes, allowing you to quickly hire the right candidate.

Trusted by healthcare recruitment firms and organisations of all sizes across the UK, such as the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), Thornbury Nursing Services, Altrix and Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI), Amiqus has powered more than 1.5 million checks and simplified the hiring process for a number of firms.

Say goodbye to manual checks and dealing with multiple providers

Are you often wasting valuable time by conducting in-person meetings with candidates to verify their documents? Or you may already have a digital provider in place that does not meet your firm’s candidate vetting and onboarding needs as efficiently as you’d like.

Amiqus empowers you to remotely conduct a comprehensive suite of pre-employment checks and end-to-end candidate onboarding, all centralised within one powerful software. Our wide range of checks include:


Simplify compliance and securely collect essential candidate information

Recruiters often require further information for medical roles. Amiqus allows you to effortlessly collect and manage all the candidate information you need with our secure document transfer and custom smart logic forms functionalities which are included in your package at no extra cost.

Recruiters can gather information tailored to their specific onboarding needs, such as:

  • References
  • GMC and other professional registrations
  • Registration packs and handbooks
  • PAYE terms of engagement
  • Occupational health assessments


Why choose Amiqus

Amiqus, the best-in-class solution, offers healthcare recruiters an all-in-one platform for simplified compliance and efficient end-to-end candidate onboarding.

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Meet the latest regulation

Amiqus is a government certified provider for Right to work and DBS checks

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Easy to set up

Amiqus is easy to set up with full training and ongoing support from our team

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Screen non-UK candidates

Verify the Right to work of all candidates, regardless of their nationality

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No long term commitment

No expiry dates of credits and both monthly and annual payment options available

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Fast and easy integration

Use our API to connect to your applicant tracking system or other internal systems

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Registered DBS Umbrella Body

Direct integration with DBS and Disclosure Scotland for faster results in as little as 12 hrs

Client Success Stories

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How NHSBSA used Amiqus to speed up their recruitment

Before using Amiqus, the NHSBSA were looking at around 3 weeks of delay to verify identity documents and Right to work. Amiqus provided its fully digital pre-employment screening technology to successfully conduct over 16,000 pre-employment checks across various services and save £1.3 million worth of time for NHS recruiters.

Read the full case study



in time saved compared to manual processes

5 registers

to verify qualifications and professional registrations


faster than generic DBS processes

Automate your pre-employment checks and save significant time, money and effort

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