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Pre-employment checks made simple

Pre-employment screening is typically slow, time consuming and complex.

With Amiqus, you can turn weeks of pre-employment paperwork into minutes of remote vetting. Reduce internal admin, minimise risk and improve efficiency so you can confidently hire the right candidate every time.

Not only can you conduct the full suite of pre-employment vetting checks including Right to work and DBS criminal record checks, but also streamline the entire onboarding process and store all candidate data in one place.

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Create a smooth candidate experience

Candidates expect a fully digital process. Download our guide to digital pre-employment checks and candidate onboarding to successfully navigate this digital transformation, helping you stay competitive in the ever-changing world of recruitment

Amiqus provides your candidate with an accessible, intuitive and trustworthy platform that allows them to complete all checks securely from the convenience of their personal device.

Identity checks, workflow orchestration and your compliance back office, all securely in one platform

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Right to work compliance

Amiqus is an accredited provider for both Right to work and DBS checks

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Meet highest security standards

Complete all checks for standard and enhanced screening

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Customisable dashboards and workflows

Easily manage tasks across your team

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Simple and intuitive

Candidates can easily complete checks in a few simple steps

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Hassle free audits

Maintain a centralised audit trail to prove compliance to auditors

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Fast and easy API integration

Use our API to connect to your applicant tracking system

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Why choose Amiqus

As a government-certified provider for right to work and criminal record checks, Amiqus enables you to run a full range of pre-employment checks on all candidates and streamline the entire candidate onboarding process. Amiqus is one of the few identity providers that offer fully digital criminal record checks by connecting directly to DBS and Disclosure Scotland, removing the need for third parties.

Our process is fully digitalised, eliminating any risk of human error. Candidates can easily complete checks in any way they are comfortable with, and through any device they have available.

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“Before using Amiqus, we’d be looking at around three weeks of delay just to verify ID and right to work documents. The time we’re saving by using Amiqus as a secure, remote onboarding solution is phenomenal and has the added value of reducing stress among our recruiters.”

Client Success Stories

The Scottish Government Riaghaltas na h-Alba logo

How Scottish government turned months of paperwork into days of secure staff vetting

The Scottish Government People Directorate manages around 3,000 new hires every single year. Amiqus began working with the People Directorate with the goal of improving the pre-employment experience for civil service candidates, while significantly reducing the workload for HR teams.

Read the full case study



reduction in pre-employment processing time


time taken to receive candidate information

2 days

time taken to provide candidate with start date

Make your pre-employment screening process 4x faster

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