ICAS renews strategic partnership with Amiqus

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) has renewed its strategic partnership with the UK’s market-leading compliance and onboarding platform, Amiqus.

The partnership aims to help accountancy firms of all sizes meet regulatory requirements for anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) by offering a fast and easy digital compliance solution. With Amiqus, firms can conduct a range of checks on their clients/staff and streamline their end-to-end client/staff onboarding process.

Since the first partnership between ICAS and Amiqus four years ago, new government legislation for rigorous due diligence on clients and key staff members has been introduced.  As a result, more accountancy firms are turning to digital platforms to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and save time and money.

The ICAS partnership with Amiqus gives members a single point of access to the latest and ongoing compliance checks for clients and staff. ICAS member firms can take advantage of discounted price plans, ICAS-approved risk assessment forms, training materials, webinars and events, ongoing support, and more.

I’m delighted that ICAS has chosen Amiqus as their strategic partner for AML once again. Working closely with regulators and industry bodies allows us to understand the challenges faced by their member firms, and find ways to help them create efficiency, reduce risk, and remain compliant while at the same time offering a great user experience,” said Gregor Angus, Senior Business Development Manager at Amiqus.

Gregor added, “Working with hundreds of regulated businesses across the country, we know that keeping up to date with an ever-changing regulatory landscape can be difficult, which is why so many firms rely on our track record of constant innovation to keep ahead of the curve.

As part of our partnership, Amiqus will be attending a number of events with ICAS over the next year. First up, I will be involved in a panel discussion at the ICAS Digital Practice Conference in Glasgow on 31 May, and look forward to meeting many member firms there.

Jeremy Clarke, Assistant Director of Practice at ICAS, said: “We’re delighted to renew our partnership with Amiqus and continue to offer our member firms industry-leading AML software solutions. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to providing high quality compliance services and ensuring the highest levels of protection for our firms against financial crime.

This renewed partnership will empower accountancy firms to confidently adopt a risk-based approach to digital due diligence, ensuring compliance with regulations and enhancing their service to clients. Speak to our experts today to find out how your accountancy firm can benefit from our digital AML, KYC and client due diligence solutions.

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