My Thrilling Journey as an Engineering Intern at Amiqus: Weeks Packed with Learning, Support, and Milestones

Image of our Intern Kelechi

Embarking on my internship at Amiqus has been a thrilling experience, filled with moments of growth, support, and exciting milestones. As I reflect on the past two weeks, I am amazed by the commitment and dedication of the company to provide a nurturing environment for its engineers. Join me as I take you through the highlights of my journey so far.

Week 1: Embracing a Supportive Environment
Upon receiving my work gear over the weekend, I was impressed by Amiqus’ dedication to ensuring their engineers are equipped for success. The onboarding meeting which involved ensuring my device seamlessly synced to the company’s network was amazing. I felt valued and supported from the start. My line manager, introduced me to the company’s preferred communication medium, and the warm welcome from the team was simply overwhelming. My managers openness and attention to making my Day 1 comfortable reassured me that I had found a remarkable mentor.

Week 2: Immersed in Learning and Collaboration
Experiencing agile methodology firsthand during my first stand-up meeting was an eye-opening moment. Led by the companies Lead Engineer, the session allowed each developer to highlight their work and future plans, ensuring a productive and engaging atmosphere. I also had the privilege of an informal chat with my line manager, where he introduced me to the companies product. The depth of their vision for digital verification left me eager to contribute to this game-changing endeavour.

Amiqus’ commitment to continuous learning and growth was exemplified through a tutorial by our Engineering Manager, Tom, on setting up Github Actions. It was an impactful session where we delved into the power of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. The company’s dedication to staying sharp and serving customers better was truly inspiring.

The Journey Continues: Support, Milestones, and Looking Ahead
Throughout my internship, I have been amazed by the willingness of everyone at Amiqus to lend a helping hand. Whenever I encountered roadblocks, I found solace in knowing that the team was there to swiftly assist. This culture of support has fostered a sense of belonging within the Amiqus family, where learning and growth are paramount.

From attending sprint planning meetings to completing my first pull request, every moment has been memorable. The team’s customer-centric approach to decision-making during these meetings has emphasised the importance of delivering value to the end-user. Additionally, my personal journey of refreshing my skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through various learning materials has been an enjoyable ride, preparing me for the exciting prospect of contributing to a live product.

As I reflect on my first two weeks as an intern at Amiqus, I am grateful for the invaluable learning experiences, supportive colleagues, and significant milestones I have already achieved. This remarkable company’s commitment to fostering growth, providing unwavering support, and delivering innovative solutions has made my internship an incredible journey. I eagerly anticipate the upcoming weeks, where I will continue to learn, contribute, and add value to Amiqus. Stay tuned for more captivating insights into this transformative experience!

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