Notebook Vol 1: Labs

An illustration of a brainstorming session to represent the design process.

What makes tech for good? Good people working to the right priorities for the right reasons. Learn some of the step-by-step design processes we use to solve problems and try them out for yourself. It’s our gift to anyone once told “it will never work”.

Why you should read this

  • An interactive notebook that will help you bring big ideas to life
  • How Amiqus is solving the problems we care about most
  • How to create a meaningful product statement
  • A step-by-step guide to carrying out a design sprint
  • How you can take part in Labs


  1. The path to progress
  2. One complex problem at a time
  3. The role of research and development
  4. Developing a marketplace
  5. Diary of a design sprint
  6. Raising the bar in public sector procurement
  7. Tech partnerships for better outcomes
  8. Take part in Labs

Created by

  • Laura Westring, Editor and contributor
  • Alex Durussel-Baker, Designer and contributor
  • Angie Glynou, Illustrator
  • Caroline Smith, Contributor
  • Lisa Mahoney, Contributor

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