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Our approach

We value transparency

We aim to be as clear as possible to ensure that the key points of information are easy to understand for whoever we’re engaging with.


We have terms that are applicable to various Amiqus online features and services.

  • Terms of website use

    Where visitors to our website can find out more about the use of Amiqus.co.

  • Terms of business

    Where Amiqus clients: the registered users of Amiqus, can find out more about our liability and obligations.

  • Terms for data subjects

    Where Amiqus data subjects: people who have been asked to undergo an Amiqus check, find out about the agreement.

Changes to this policy

As our business changes and grows, we reserve the right to update this terms policy to reflect our most recent business practices.

Review of this policy

This terms policy was last amended on 31st October 2019.