Boosting productivity

We’ve made it easier to manage tasks in Amiqus

Working with larger clients like Scottish Government and the NHS that are running high volumes of checks is helping our product become better and more efficient for everyone.

Some of our clients told us that they use the Amiqus dashboard and the different status boxes to understand what they need to work on. A kind of mini ‘to do list’.

But our dashboard and statuses were causing problems. The statuses were overcomplicated and you were being notified that requests were ready to review when they weren’t. In fact, the results hadn’t come back from our third party providers such as Disclosure Scotland.

So we got to work on this quickly and fixed the issue within a month of it going into our product backlog.

Welcome to your new to do list


We’ve made three key changes that should support you in using Amiqus to manage the progress of requests:

New request status

We’ve added an extra request status, ‘Waiting for results’ to indicate that a request has been submitted by your client or candidate but that the results have not yet returned from the third party provider. This means you won’t waste any time checking requests that aren’t quite ready for review.

Simplification of all status names and definitions

We’ve made these much easier to digest and more to the point, using less words where appropriate.

New dashboard layout

You can now view the whole lifecycle of requests from start to finish. This should help those of you who use the status boxes to track overall progress.

For more detail on these changes, you can view our help centre and Changelog:

This update demonstrates how quickly we can make changes in the product that are important to you and your teams. So if you have any feedback or suggestions, email them to [email protected] and we’ll make sure they’re reviewed and considered for future releases of Amiqus.