Building trust remotely

We’ve made it easier for your clients to trust your request emails.

Request emails

Building trust with new clients remotely is a challenge many businesses have faced this year. And with cyber security attacks on the rise, your clients are more wary than ever about the emails they open and interact with.

So with the help of direct feedback from your clients, we’ve updated the request emails they receive with security focused information to reassure them that their data is encrypted and processed securely. Ultimately, this means they’ll have more trust in your services too.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve changed:

  • Promotion of our Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation
  • Promotion of our ISO 27001 certification
  • Updated copy to make it easier for clients to ask for help
  • Added link to new and improved What is Amiqus? article in the support centre
  • Removed any unnecessary content, including copyright/business name from bottom of the email

Why we’re trustworthy

Having guaranteed data security is an impossible accolade for any business. But consistently doing everything you can to protect people and businesses from online threats is vital. Something that we work very hard to do.

Here’s a remind of why you and and your clients can trust Amiqus:

  • Data encryption: We encrypt data using industry standard algorithms throughout all verification steps. This means that any data input to our systems for verification is securely sent and received. Data is also encrypted at rest when on our servers.
  • Access controls: Access to user data is tightly restricted to only the authorised requesting firm with enforced password standards, activity reporting and account throttling. All passwords are hashed using SHA-512 with over 10,000 rounds, and a 32-byte salt of random data.
  • Monitoring: All of our web traffic is encrypted over TLS /SSL and protected by Certificate Pinning to prevent man in the middle attacks. Our security team monitor and carry out daily automated vulnerability scanning across all of our systems and infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure: Our servers are based within enterprise grade hosting facilities with robust physical security controls including surveillance, monitoring, security staff and regular ongoing audits. Amiqus maintains geographically separated environments and hosting to reduce the risk of data outages or loss. We partner with leading security and technology providers to leverage their experience and best practises to protect our systems.
  • Assurance: Amiqus is certified by ISOQAR to ISO 27001:2013 and UK government cyber security accreditation scheme Cyber Essentials Plus.
  • Analysis: We’re a member of CiSP, the NCSC cyber threat sharing platform and benefit from ongoing analysis, reporting and monitoring of online activity on a national level.

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don’t be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email [email protected].