Clearer instructions

We’ve added clearer instructions throughout the checking process so your clients and candidates are more likely to complete your requests accurately.

Our latest round of research has told us that people are getting confused about what’s expected of them when they complete a check. They’re coming to you for guidance or completing things inaccurately, slowing things down for you.

Here’s what they said:

“The procedure to be followed was not properly explained at the beginning so that I would know what to expect.”

“The instructions should all be spelled out before you start the process.”

“Give a list of what materials and steps will be needed before getting to the page with only 2 minutes to gather and do what needs done.”

Instructions page

Previously, we had all the instructions bundled at the top of the page. But given their importance we’ve now added guidance to a stand-alone page before each check to ensure individuals have time to prepare and will understand exactly what’s expected of them.

We’ve put these pages together using common support queries, so we know we are providing useful information before starting to complete a check.

Screenshots of the photo ID check start screens

Photo ID guidance

We were also told the photo ID check doesn’t provide enough guidance to your clients and candidates before they start the process. The system was also accepting documents and photos that weren’t appropriate, like passport photos with the numbers cut off. Once again, this was just slowing things down for you.

Our latest version of photo ID will solve this issue, with all the guidance provided up-front before the check begins. Your clients and candidates will be informed what types of documents are acceptable and how to complete the check accurately.

Photo ID security

We work with a number of suppliers to bring you the full suite of checks offered within Amiqus and we make decisions on who to work with based on our values of trust, accessibility and privacy.

So we’re delighted that our photo ID check provider, Onfido, are taking their security measures to the next level. They’re now asking people to avoid submitting PDFs and scans to confirm their identity and instead use their device camera. This ensures a better quality image that can be more thoroughly checked by their systems and it’s also more likely that the image was created in real-time as the check is completed.

While they still accept PDF uploads and scans at this moment in time, the world of identity checking is becoming more cautious about these kinds of documents, so we thought it important to make you aware of this.

This is an incredibly positive move for Onfido and we hope it will keep you, your clients or candidates safe from fraudulent activity.

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don’t be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email [email protected].