Making data more meaningful

Take part in a user research session

We continually develop Amiqus based on client feedback. We’d love to understand how we can create more meaningful data for you. Register to take part in a user research session.

Using data to avoid missed opportunities and mistakes, improve your workflow, accurately forecast and gain confidence in your process.

Right now we’re working hard to improve the reporting functionality of Amiqus. But making fancy charts and graphs that aren’t going to support your needs would be a waste of time.

So we have a request for you. We’d like to have a conversation about your goals and what you need from reporting, metrics and data. If you’d like to help, fill in this form to register your interest in a research session. Our user experience lead, Megan, will be in touch to arrange a date and time.

Here are some of the areas of reporting we’re exploring thanks to the client feedback we’ve had so far:

  • Be prepared for what’s comingThe only way to accurately forecast is to have full visibility of what’s been done before. We want to give you more clarity on how much your organisation is using the product over a date range. This will help you allocate funds or ensure you’re buying the correct amount of credits to avoid any bottlenecks. We’re also looking at ways for you to understand the average processing time of a check to make sure you’re correctly resourced.
  • Avoiding missed opportunitiesWe want to make sure you aren’t missing opportunities to re-engage your clients and candidates. For example, if you’re carrying out checks annually it would be good to know when these are due for renewal. This is an opportunity to have a conversation, understand your client or candidate’s current situation and potentially increase revenue.
  • Have confidence in your decisionsWe want to give you complete confidence that there’s consistency in your process and your team’s actions and behaviour when it comes to compliance. But without the right data, you can only assume that is the case. We’re exploring how we can help you access the facts so you know your organisation is making good decisions and adhering to regulation.

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don’t be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email [email protected].