Complete transparency

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We believe that people should have complete ownership of their data and identity. We hope that one day, people will feel a sense of security around their data. And that sense of security will be powered by Amiqus.

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Support access

Complete transparency

It’s so important to us that Amiqus users are aware of when we’re able to access data in their account. We hope the work we’re doing makes it clear that you are ultimately in control of this.

By default, we cannot access your data. But when you contact our support team sometimes they’ll need to access your team’s account to help with a query.


We’ll notify your whole team in the application when one of your users switches support access on or off. You can also set up email notifications for this if you like.

Notice banner

When support access is switched on, your team will be informed via a notice banner in the application. It will persist until access is switched off, but each user has the option to hide this notice. The banner will look like this:

A screenshot of the Amiqus interface with a full width notificaiton banner displayed.

Support access history

We’ve also added a log to the Help and support page so you’ll know:

  • Who switched on support access
  • The date and time it was switched on and off
  • How long it was switched on for
A table displaying details of who has switched on support access for your team, with date, time and duration.

User interface update

More accessible navigation

We mentioned last month that we are always working to improve the accessibility of our product. This month is no exception. Now, as you click or use your keyboard to navigate around the pages of the app, you’ll see a more obvious visual difference (a coloured border or background) highlighting each item, making it easier to see what functionality you’re currently focused on.

We hope this makes navigating the application and interacting with forms a much clearer experience.

Animation showing how focus styles enhance usability on form textfields.

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don't be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email We'd love to hear from you.