Speedier workflows

Now you can complete multiple tasks at once, speeding up your workflow and making your team more efficient.

Now you can perform an action on multiple people, organisations and requests at once. You’ll be familiar with this concept from managing your email inbox. It’s easier and more efficient to multi-select a number of emails to delete or archive, rather than going into each individually.

This new functionality in Amiqus will allow your team to work faster, more efficiently and with more control.

Our support team have been testing this on your behalf for a few weeks now:

“It’ll make clients’ lives a lot easier day to day, saving them time and effort.”

Need help? Our help articles have been updated to guide you through the process.

Ways you can use it

Run a complete employee audit exercise ahead of Brexit

Onboard multiple new employees at once

Speed up your annual rechecking process

Organise your client base by archiving all inactive clients at once

Tidy up all expired requests

Import multiple people into Amiqus at once

How it works

The main change you’ll notice in Amiqus is that primary lists of people, organisations and requests will now have a check box to the left hand side. This will allow you to multi-select all items on the page or individual rows as needed. You can then pick an action to perform on the selected items.

Actions you can choose for multiple:

  • People
    • Sending a request
    • Archiving and unarchiving
    • Deleting
  • Organisations
    • Archiving and unarchiving
  • Requests
    • Expire
    • Extend by 10 days
    • Archiving and unarchiving

Help articles

If you’re an Amiqus user, these help articles will guide you through the process:

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don’t be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email [email protected].