Face capture

Enhance your fraud prevention measures and verify identity in real time using facial recognition ‘video liveness’ technology.


  • Leverage video and audio technology to provide a higher level of security than just a static photo
  • Be assured that it is not just the right person, but a real person
  • Create a fast and simple experience for your clients or candidates

How it works

Send your client a request which includes the face capture check. You can use this check alongside our photo ID verification check so that you can be sure the person is who they say they are.

Using the custom link sent in the request email, your client will arrive at our secure portal. They’ll be directed to record a short clip of themselves saying a unique code out loud.

We’ll direct the person to enable device permissions so that Amiqus can access the microphone and camera for the check to be successful. They can choose to disable these permissions on their device after completing the face capture check.

interface showing a person using the Amiqus face capture check on a mobile device

Example results

Once your client has completed the face capture check, you’ll be able to:

  • Play back the submitted video
  • Compare what is said to the displayed code
  • Compare their appearance with identity documents (if collected)
  • Export results as a PDF which includes a thumbnail of the video

Take a closer look at the check results

Here’s an example of how the results will appear in your Amiqus account.

Interface showing results that appear within the Face capture check.


We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about the face capture check below:

Why is this more secure than a static photo?

Static photos are much easier to fake than video, putting you at risk of fraud. Face capture’s video liveness technology is able to easily detect any suspicious elements in the user-uploaded video.

My clients aren’t tech-savvy. Will they be able to use this?

Accessibility is one of our core values at Amiqus, so everything is built to be as intuitive as possible.

The system will take your client through what is required in a step by step manner and our support team is always at hand if needed.

Feedback tells us that clients similar to yours have found this to be easier and quicker than they thought.

Is this approved by The Law Society of Scotland?

We are the Law Society of Scotland’s approved partner for AML. For that reason, we build and refine our product in consultation with them, ensuring it meets the latest regulation and the needs of their members. Face capture is no exception.

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