Accountancy + Amiqus

The average firm spends four days per month on paper-based compliance. Turn hours of client and staff onboarding into minutes of online activity.

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Meeting regulatory requirements can be a real drain on staff and client time and resources, not to mention expensive. Yet, protecting client data and reducing risk are essential to running a modern accountancy business.

On top of that, you have a responsibility to provide consistently high standards of anti-money laundering supervision and The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) ensures that all beneficial owners, officers and managers of its member firms have gone through a Fit and Proper Persons Check, including a Basic Disclosure certification, regardless of size or risk profile.

Audits can be easy

Maintaining an audit trail is essential and can be a real headache, particularly when many firms still process paper forms and hard copies of personal documents to carry out Basic Disclosure checks.

Amiqus securely holds all documentation and data in one place. You can provide view-only access to auditors, which means no more last-minute panics – audits will be a breeze.

Simple integration

Moving from your current compliance process to a new, online system can be a daunting task.

Our award-winning team has been built to support you with this – whether that’s making sure it’s simple for staff to move away from paper-based processes, quickly answering day-to-day technical or regulatory questions or ensuring costs are transparent.

If you are a small firm, you can use Amiqus ID as a secure, stand alone system. If you are a larger firm, you can integrate Amiqus with your existing tools and databases. A risk assessment template approved by ICAS is available to upload to your Amiqus account, making it easier to access due diligence documents centrally.

Furthermore, if some of your clients prefer to carry out checks in-person, Amiqus provides this option.

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