Streamline Hiring with Automated Employment Referencing

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Employment Reference checks are an essential component of the pre-employment screening process, allowing employers to verify candidate information and gain valuable insights into their work history.

Despite their significance, referencing has often been described as a frustrating and time-consuming manual task, contributing to the lengthy average time to hire, which currently stands at 6.1 weeks in the third quarter of 2023, as reported by the Totaljobs Hiring Trends index.

Recognising the challenges posed by manual referencing, Amiqus has developed a  robust Automated Employment Referencing check to streamline and simplify the referencing process for recruiters and employers, making hiring a breeze.

Benefits of Using Amiqus’ Automated Employment Referencing 

Time and Resource Savings

  • Efficiently automate employment referencing, saving time and resources for recruiters and employers.
  • Eliminate the need for manual follow-ups and tracking, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Ensure comprehensive documentation of employment and activity history, including any gaps and education.

Data Centralisation

  • Consolidate data within the system for a streamlined and organised onboarding process.
  • Offers a convenient solution for managing candidate information efficiently.

Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

  • Seamlessly integrate employment reference checks, ID verification, Right to Work checks, and custom forms into the onboarding process.
  • Particularly advantageous for clients in regulated sectors, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
  • Simplify workflow for existing clients, making the onboarding process more efficient.

Customisation for Diverse Hiring Requirements

  • Especially beneficial for larger firms and organisations with diverse hiring needs.

Secure Data Storage and Compliance

  • Securely store all reference checks and candidate/employee data.
  • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Serve as a central repository for organised access to employee/candidate information.

How it Works: 4 Simple Steps

Set Custom Parameters: Specify the time frame for referencing and decide the length of any gaps in employment that require evidence.

Candidate Input: Candidates complete their employment history timeline in any order, adding employment, education, and gap activities at their convenience.

Referee Verification: Referees receive email notifications for employment verification, with upfront candidate consent. Automated prompts handle non-responders, saving valuable time for recruiters.

Review and Confirm: Easily review the candidate’s employment history with clear referee confirmations. Update the status of each activity individually and add personal notes or evidence as needed.

Watch a short demo video showcasing how easy it is to conduct Automated Reference checks with Amiqus

Why Choose Amiqus?

Amiqus provides an all-in-one comprehensive solution for onboarding and compliance. You no longer need to depend on multiple providers for different checks or have your data stored in various places.

Amiqus offers a complete suite of checks and processes necessary for end-to-end staff/candidate verification and onboarding. This includes Photo ID verification, Right to Work, DBS and Disclosure Scotland criminal record checks, automated employment referencing, Professional registration confirmation, and more, all within a single digital platform.

This makes Amiqus the preferred choice for organisations and recruitment firms of all sizes across the UK, such as NHSBSA, Altrix, Coventry University, Harvey Nash, etc.

Choose Amiqus for a seamless onboarding experience with unparalleled regulatory compliance and save between 15 and 30 minutes for every candidate reference verification. Speak to our team today to streamline your hiring process.

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