The future of right to work and criminal record checks

Change is coming. New digital standards are being developed. Find out how digital right to work and criminal record checks are changing in this 40-min webinar replay. Featuring DBS, The REC and NHS Business Services Authority.

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Why you should watch this

  • Hear direct from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) on how their new digital standards will impact employers in 2022
  • Hear direct from The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (The REC) on the current state of play for remote right to work checks and how this will change in 2022
  • Get an overview of UK Government’s Digital Identity Trust Framework and how this will impact employers and candidates
  • Understand how all these changes will save your hiring managers and recruiters time and money and create a world class candidate experience
  • Find out how NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) successfully delivered on the hiring needs of the UK’s Covid-19 vaccination programme (and saved £1.8 million in the process)


  1. What’s due to happen to remote right to work checks after 5 April 2022
  2. How these changes will make your life easier and save you time and money
  3. How to prepare your organisation for what’s coming
  4. What DBS plan to do with criminal record checks in England and Wales
  5. The new digital identity standards UK Government are planning to introduce
  6. What a world class candidate experience looks like and how to achieve it
  7. Why now is a great time to invest in a digital vetting and onboarding tool

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