Anti-money laundering

Spend less time doing paperwork and more time doing what you do best.

Regulation is on the rise. This means protecting clients’ personal data, vetting staff and avoiding complicity in international money laundering or criminal financing can feel like a full time job.

In fact, the average firm spends four days per month on paper-based compliance, draining resources and costing you money.

Turn hours of client and staff onboarding into minutes of online activity.

Supported by our relationship with key regulatory bodies, Amiqus is continually updated to meet the latest standards so you can have confidence in your compliance.

Audits can be easy

Maintaining an audit trail is essential and can be a real headache, particularly when many firms still process paper forms and hard copies of personal documents to carry out Basic Disclosure checks.

Amiqus securely holds all documentation and data in one place. You can provide view-only access to auditors, which means no more last-minute panics – audits will be a breeze.

Simple integration

Moving from your current compliance process to a new, online system can be a daunting task.

Our award-winning team has been built to support you with this – whether that’s making sure it’s simple for staff to move away from paper-based processes, quickly answering day-to-day technical or regulatory questions or ensuring costs are transparent.

If you are a small firm, you can use Amiqus as a secure, stand alone system. If you are a larger firm, you can integrate Amiqus with your existing tools and databases.

Furthermore, if some of your clients prefer to carry out checks in-person, Amiqus provides this option.

All the checks you need in one place

We work hard to stay on top of security standards, so you can be confident that you’re compliant. All checks can be completed remotely.

Checks you can perform

Identity reports

UK wide

Compare client information against multiple government databases and sources for compliance with the latest UK and EU anti-money laundering requirements.

Credit reports

UK wide

Instantly verify current address and date of birth against bank and credit providers’ records in real time.

Photo ID verification


Request document verification with face-match scanning to check the authenticity of documents from over 195 countries.

Companies lookup


Check company directors, ownership and control with our Companies House and Open Corps Integration, covering 120 million entities.



Screen domestic and international, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and sanctions lists, as well as adverse media data from 500 million web pages, with option for ongoing monitoring.

Explore watchlist

Basic DBS check

Check candidates in England and Wales for low risk roles on the Police National Computer for details of current criminal convictions.

Standard DBS check

Check candidates working in a position of trust for previous and current convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings.

Enhanced DBS check

Check candidates working with vulnerable groups for previous and current convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings plus any local police information that might be relevant.

Barred lists DBS check

Add on to your Enhanced DBS check to make sure candidates don’t feature on lists of people barred from working with vulnerable groups.

How it works

1. Select checks and send request

Select the checks you need and send a request to your client via secure email link.

2. Checks are completed remotely or in-person

From their own device your client securely submits their information and documents for verification.

3. Review submitted documentation and results

Documentation and verification reports are instantly received, stored and encrypted within your Amiqus account, ready for your risk-based decision.

Book a demo

By booking a demo you’ll get a personalised product walkthrough, advice on your specific business needs and an overview of Amiqus pricing plans.