Wellbeing toolkit for conveyancers

An illustration of a woman and hobbies floating around in bubbles such as; healthy food, staying hydrated, flowers etc.

You and your team are under more pressure than ever before. How can you make team wellbeing a priority when there’s no time? And how can this be managed remotely?

Why you should read this

  • Get your firm talking about mental health
  • Feel more connected to your colleagues
  • Have more fun at work
  • Learn healthy remote working practices
  • Help your team feel less stressed


Thirteen of our best wellbeing and remote working resources, including:

  1. How to lead remote teams with kindness and consideration
  2. How to build a wellness culture (without a wellness budget)
  3. How to make remote working fun (not just functional)
  4. Why you might need a mental health code word
  5. How to set up your working day for success

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