How Amiqus can streamline your end-to-end candidate onboarding journey

When you are looking to procure a digital solution, you might expect that the only thing it can help you with is conducting digital right to work checks.

Certainly at the core of what we provide, employers who use Amiqus find that the system offers so much more. While they may come to us for conducting digital pre-employment checks, they are surprised to realise we can support them by completely transforming their previously tedious and lengthy manual processes.

Amiqus not only enables employers to complete digital right to work and DBS checks, meeting the new Government standards, it also streamlines the end-to-end candidate onboarding journey. The solution offers the convenience of conducting these checks quickly and securely, it also unlocks the potential to give your candidates a stellar onboarding experience, resulting in a much quicker onboarding time and creating a fantastic first impression.

It’s a win-win for recruiters and candidates alike.

What Amiqus offers

Amiqus is far from just a right to work checking service.

The platform offers you a completely seamless experience where you can securely conduct the full suite of pre-employment vetting checks, including the following:

  • UK Government standard passport checks 
  • Liveness detection through facial recognition software
  • Digital proof of address check
  • Basic, Standard and Enhanced/with barring DBS checks, including indicative notice
  • Financial credit checks 

Streamline and speed up your candidate onboarding process:

Now that you have conducted every necessary vetting check through the system, you will find that our portal contains extra functionality that streamlines your entire onboarding process and makes you feel at ease knowing all your candidates information is stored in one place.

What else can we offer you? 

1. Employment history

You can gather all pre-employment history information, contact details, and any gaps in employment of over 1 month.

2. Secure document transfer

Send documents to your candidates with ease via the embedded document transfer functionality, making the process completely secure. You can do this as many times as you need at no extra cost.

3. Gather documentation

Securely collect candidate documentation such as copy of visa, national insurance card, proof of qualifications or P60.

4. Gather candidate’s personal information

Use customisable forms to securely collect candidate personal information such as share code, national insurance number or bank details. Form templates can be created in advance, speeding up your manual information gathering processes.

Our comprehensive platform ensures you can complete all pre-employment vetting checks necessary to comply with the upcoming government guidance, as well as gathering any other documentation or information required, in a matter of minutes. Amiqus is fully flexible allowing you to decide what checks and actions to run depending on the candidate.

How it works: three simple steps

Can you envision it?

Candidate upon candidate, all you have to do is select a request template with the checks you wish to run and any custom forms and documents you may need to send/request from them – all in one space and as one single action.

Once the candidate completes their details remotely, checks are run in the background and all your candidate data is stored conveniently in one place. No longer a slog, but an enjoyable and speedy process that leaves your candidates impressed in its efficiency and simplicity. 

The system is fully automated, so there’s no need for manual paperwork or chasing emails.

1. Select checks and send the request – 10 seconds

Your team member sends a request for pre-employment checks via a secure branded email link by adding the candidate’s name and email address.

2. The candidate completes their details – 5 to 10 minutes

Using their own device, the candidate securely submits their information and documentation for verification. As they complete each step, the information is returned to you without delay.

3. Review submitted documentation and results

The checks are run instantly and results come back the second they are completed.
All the candidate’s documentation, along with the verification report are received, stored and encrypted within your Amiqus account.


Centralised oversight and task management capabilities

With its centralised oversight and task management capabilities, Amiqus can streamline the full staff onboarding process so it becomes a breeze. 

Through the Dashboard you can:

  • Assign tasks to team members, and place different members in different tiers of oversight
  • Seamlessly manage tasks across your team through the collaborative features of Amiqus. Simply assign each task by category to appropriate team members and transfer access in case of team member’s sick/annual leave
  • Easily manage the candidates that are being onboarded day to day/week to week with access to personalised notifications, the candidate tracker and a full overview in one dashboard instantly accessible at all times on your mobile device or desktop computer
  • Amiqus puts everything you need for a successful onboarding workflow into one place, for your convenience



From traditional candidate onboarding, to a digital and forward-thinking approach, Amiqus is designed to save time, money and effort.

The benefits are clear: valuable time saved for both your business and your candidates, less admin for team members and managers, plus consistently clear processes that can be easily adopted across all branches or locations.

You’re able to check in with candidates as they work through each stage of the process; similarly, you can monitor who’s responsible for completing each task – ensuring it’s done quickly, efficiently and correctly each time.

And if you need any assistance along the way? We’re always here to help.

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