National STEM day: Amiqus staff share their experiences as women in tech

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Amiqus has recently doubled in size which means lots of new faces bringing great mugs, favourite books and fresh perspectives to our laptop screens. As we continue to recruit more people to our team, we wanted to ask our existing staff about their roles and whether they have any advice for others interested in working for a tech company.

Nicola Mallon | Field engineer

Nicola Mallon, Field Engineer at Amiqus

Where are you local?
I live in Northern Ireland. I love spending time outdoors. I’ve lived here all of my life but there is always more to explore, from areas of natural beauty to foodie gems, as well as the rich history and folklore. In my village alone there are ringforts, historical buildings, a famous ghost and a legendary battle site from the time of Ireland’s high kings.  

Favourite condiment? At the moment hot sauce or tamari.

What does purpose mean to you?
Growing is what gives me a lot of energy. Whether that is personal growth or contributing to the growth of others, making an impact on a project or improving processes, it is important to me to always seek to improve. Stagnation is not fun. I also enjoy solving problems, understanding an issue, searching for clues and then finding the possible solution is super rewarding. I get a lot of fulfilment in supporting my colleagues and our clients in their goals or by unlocking problems. 

Tell us about unlocking problems at Amiqus…
I am a field engineer who works closely with our client-facing teams, helping to understand our clients’ processes and how they could be improved by the adoption of our product, including how their applications can connect with Amiqus using APIs and webhooks. I have a unique backstage pass to the work of our engineering and client-facing teams, as well as an insight into our clients’ businesses and processes. In other words, a pretty awesome holistic view of how a technology company works, right?  

What would your advice be for anyone else interested in working for a tech company?
100 per cent do it. Before Amiqus, I was a technology/commercial lawyer. It was scary to leave behind my career but, today, I wish I had made the switch earlier.

"Everyday I have space to make an impact, be creative, learn or flex my existing skills, fix problems and break things."

Learning new technical skills can feel daunting. There are a lot of incredibly talented people at Amiqus, who I am in awe of, that have my back. I always have their support and guidance if needed and they are genuinely as excited for me as I am, when I find another piece of the puzzle to add to my skills. 

Rupali Parmar | Content marketer 

Rupali Parmar, Content Marketer at Amiqus

Where are you local? 
I am from India and moved to Edinburgh five years ago to pursue my masters degree and have lived here since. I love how vibrant, multicultural and architecturally beautiful the city is. A walk around the Royal Mile or the Old town is food for the soul and something I always recommend to friends who visit. The variety of shops and cafes, street performances, Georgian architecture combined with the hustle bustle is an instant mood booster.

Favourite condiment? Everything peri peri – sauce, seasoning, marinade. 

What does purpose mean to you? 
I feel fulfilled in my professional life when I feel like I have given my hundred percent, regardless of the result. At work, I try to put my best foot forward in every task, big or small, that I’m involved in. Knowing that I brought my whole authentic self and tried to work to the best of my ability gives me joy and satisfaction at the end of the day. 

Tell us about your role at Amiqus
I joined Amiqus two months ago as a content marketer. My focus is on client communications and product marketing through blogs, our website, email campaigns, social media and more.

"The unique aspect of my role is that I can contribute in setting the voice and tone of our brand and create useful content for clients and potential clients, enhancing their customer journey."

I really enjoy working at Amiqus and I learn something new every day, which helps me grow in my role. I love that asking questions and proposing new ideas are encouraged at Amiqus and that small wins are celebrated, as it makes me feel like a valued member of the team.

You definitely are. What would your advice be for anyone else interested in working for a tech company?
The thought of working in a tech company can seem daunting especially if you are from a non-technical background. Don’t let that hold you back as tech is one of the best sectors to work in, to develop your skills and to make a real difference. Whether you want to operate in the business side of things, support services or within R&D in a tech company, be confident in your abilities and promote the transferable skills you bring to the table. 

Jonna Nilsson | Product manager

Jonna Nilson, Product Manager at Amiqus

Where are you local?
I live in west London. I’m such a foodie, so I definitely recommend the London brunch. One of my favourites is Beam in Notting Hill.

Favourite condiment? Ketchup.

What does purpose mean to you? Making a difference – an impact in life. That could be for my colleagues, family, friends and community. It can be anything, helping a colleague to solve a problem; launching a new feature to our clients, or seeing the excitement in customers through my volunteer work at Ross Nye Stables, that gives me so much energy and fulfilment. 

Sounds like a whinnying combination. Get it? Ahem. Tell us about your role at Amiqus… 
I sit at the intersection of product potential, business needs, and technology. Ultimately I enable great product development for clients and potential clients.

"I joined Amiqus four months ago and it's exactly what I expected: a fast-changing, growing company that sets every individual up for success; depending on you and rewarding innovation and creativity."

What would your advice be for anyone else interested in working for a tech company?
A career in a technology company means working in a fast-growing, fast-changing, highly innovative sector, where you can impact the future. There are a lot of different career paths in this sector, so spend some time choosing yours so that it suits  your personal interests and goals.

Tasha | People and engagement manager

Natasha Sarwar-Higgins, People and Engagement Manager at Amiqus

Where are you local? 
I live in Milngavie, which is a wee town around six miles northwest of Glasgow City. I feel extremely lucky within my surroundings, as I can walk about 500 meters and be amongst the greenery and trees. My favourite place in Milngavie is the reservoir, a gorgeous three-mile loop surrounded by water, trees, green grass and a view of the hills in the distance, it’s cracking on a sunny day. 

Favourite condiment? I’m a ketchup gal…and more recently Sriracha.

What does purpose mean to you?
Fulfilment to me is surrounding yourself with the things and people who make you wonderfully happy. If something doesn’t give you joy at least 80 per cent of the time, it’s not worth it in my opinion. In work, I get energy from problem solving and being as useful as possible when contributing. I love celebrating the wins. In life, I’m happiest when I am on holiday in 30 degree heat. Equally when on a long 10+ mile walk in Scotland’s beautiful scenery and, of course, when spending time with those I love the most. 

Tell us about your role at Amiqus… 
My role is focused on attracting new talent and retaining and engaging with existing employees. I feel lucky that I get to be the face of the company when speaking with new employees. I guess that would be my unique contribution – selling Amiqus as an employer.

"I absolutely love my role here and it’s more than I expected in terms of role satisfaction. It’s made me realise more about my capabilities while we’re scaling and actually given me a huge confidence boost."

What would your advice be for anyone else interested in working for a tech company?
Do it. It’s progressive, interesting and, let’s face it, our world revolves around technology so now is the time to get involved. I think working in this industry, especially with highly technical people can be daunting, as it sometimes may seem like they’re almost speaking a completely different language, but don’t be afraid to ask questions and to challenge yourself to learn. Tech also needs more women all round. We are able to see and approach things from a different angle, we can teach younger generations of women and become strong role models.

Taja Strle | Marketing coordinator

Taja Strle, Marketing Coordinator at Amiqus

Where are you local?
I am originally from Ljubljana, Slovenia, but have lived in Edinburgh since 2014. I would consider myself local in both cities and view both as my home. I’ve lived in a number of countries since leaving Slovenia and none captured my heart quite like Scotland and, specifically, Edinburgh. My favourite pastime is strolling through the old town and visiting secondhand book shops, taking my bike up to the Hermitage forest and I make sure I bring any visitor to the nerdy restaurant Wings.

Favourite condiment? Ajvar all the way. 

What does purpose mean to you? 
Finding the meaning behind the work that I do on a daily basis. That meaning becomes my reason for continuing to show up even when it’s hard or when motivation may be low. I think that is why I particularly like working for a tech-for-good business. In my life outside of work, I find fulfilment in supporting the people around me that I care deeply about – whatever form that may take. 

Tell us about your role at Amiqus… 
I’m a marketing coordinator. My role encompasses a range of skills from marketing strategy to impactful copy writing that speaks to the needs of our potential clients; from managing events to working with valued partners and advertisers to ensure our message reaches the right audience;  to creating content that seeks to inform and educate. I find myself growing immensely each day in this role – it’s far more expansive than I initially anticipated – which I only see as a good thing. 

What would your advice be for anyone else interested in working for a tech company?
If you want to work in tech but feel like you lack the technical expertise, don’t worry. There are many roles you can strive for. All companies, including tech companies still require a vast array of experts, from people who are excellent at communication to those with an eye for design.

"My advice would be, no matter what role within a tech company you want to go for, make sure you do plenty of research into what the company does even if you feel it will have little to do with your specific role. They will appreciate your initiative and willingness to learn and understand the sphere you desire to enter."

Katie Thomas | Implementation manager 

Katie Thomas, Implementation Manager at Amiqus

Where are you local? 
I live in a small town in South West Wales about 40 minutes drive to Swansea. I grew up here and despite moving away a couple of times, I always come back and have now set up my family life here. Our town is right on the coast so we benefit from a harbour and fantastic set of beaches. The town has very little to offer in terms of hustle and bustle – we only have one very small supermarket and a couple of pubs – but people come here for the great outdoors.

Favourite condiment? Mayonnaise on EVERYTHING.

What does purpose mean to you? 
I am very selective about what I do in my work and personal life because with two young children, time is very limited and life is always busy. In being selective, I am able to feel more fulfilled, because I only do things that bring me joy and spend time with people who I truly want to be with.

"In being very intentional in what you do and how you spend your time, you are a happier person and you can share that energy with others. I don't spend too much time worrying about big goals or achievements. Purpose, for me, comes from being the best you can be in what you are doing at any given time."

Tell us about your role at Amiqus… 
I only started working at Amiqus a few weeks ago as an implementation manager. This role will allow me to support new clients by creating onboarding experiences to best fit their needs. I hope that my previous experience in implementation and working in the screening industry will allow me to bring some different ideas to the table. Despite working here for such a short period of time, it’s evident to me that Amiqus is a company which has a very healthy culture and one where everyone feels supported and cared for. 

What would your advice be for anyone else interested in working for a tech company?
Applying to work at a technology company can be incredibly scary for anyone who hasn’t worked in the industry before. You might think that you need to have an abundance of technical skills and experience, but it’s not the case. You will pick up new skills along the way but also your experience will be valuable to the company in a variety of ways. Technology is changing and developing all the time and we can all learn to adapt and grow with it. It’s never too late to learn new things.

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