How to Choose the Ideal Digital Provider for Right to Work Checks

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It is mandatory for every UK employer to actively prevent illegal working within their organisation. This commitment is fulfilled through a set of pre-employment checks designed to verify the applicant’s identity, legal Right to Work, and gather relevant background information. As the stakes are raised with new fines for non-compliance, selecting the right Identity Service Provider (IDSP) becomes crucial in safeguarding your business from potential penalties.

The Importance of Right to Work Checks

Right to Work checks are a cornerstone of the pre-employment screening process. Employers have two primary methods for conducting these checks: manual document verification through in-person meetings or utilising a certified IDSP with Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) for digital verification.

The consequences of failing to conduct a Right to Work check are becoming more severe, with fines set to increase substantially. Non-compliance could lead to fines starting at £45,000 per worker, escalating for recurrent violations to a maximum of £60,000.

The Digital Advantage

Opting for digitising these checks with a certified IDSP offers a more efficient and secure process, ensuring compliance with the highest standards. However, choosing the right IDSP is paramount to avoid a disjointed onboarding experience. Click the button below to download our checklist to make an informed decision about the IDSP best suited to your needs.

Key Considerations when Choosing an IDSP

1. Certification

Ensure the IDSP is fully certified under the Trust Framework and has passed Home Office accreditation for secure, digital checks. Certification is vital for a streamlined process and avoiding the necessity of face-to-face meetings.

2. Centralised checks

Look for an IDSP that offers a full range of pre-employment checks in one place, reducing reliance on third parties and minimising delays.

3. Additional functionality

Consider IDSPs that go beyond basic checks, offering features such as automated referencing, custom forms, share code integration, and audit logs for seamless candidate onboarding.

4. Training and support

Prioritise providers that offer straightforward setup, comprehensive team training, and continuous support for both you and your candidates.

5. Integration

Choose an IDSP that seamlessly integrates with your internal systems, maintaining data consistency and efficiency.

6. Fully digital process

Ensure the entire process is fully digitised to avoid the risk of human error and extended checking times associated with hybrid solutions.

7. Ease of use

Assess the user-friendliness of the IDSP through proof points, case studies, testimonials, and product demonstrations to ensure a straightforward experience for both candidates and your team.

8. Pricing and commitment

Opt for an IDSP that offers contract-free and flexible usability, providing transparency in licensing fees, credit expiration, and costs associated with additional features.

9. Fallback routes

Evaluate if the IDSP offers both App and Non-App routes for candidates to align with their preferences.

Amiqus: Your Trusted UK Government-Certified IDSP

Amiqus is a UK government-certified IDSP that offers comprehensive pre-employment screening and end-to-end candidate onboarding. With Amiqus, you can conduct digital Right to Work checks and a full suite of checks on UK and Irish nationals. Additionally, Amiqus can verify the Right to Work of non-UK nationals through the Home Office online check.

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can support your pre-employment screening and candidate onboarding processes. 

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