Anti-money laundering and compliance checks for regulated professions

Our Purpose

Making civil justice accessible

Our first product, Amiqus ID, provides encrypted online compliance checks — making it easier to access a lawyer, accountant or regulated professional.

In the long term we’re building multiple products to provide small businesses and individuals open access to legal information and legal expertise.


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Our Story

Amiqus Resolution Ltd was founded in July 2015 with a mission to make civil justice accessible.

Our first product, Amiqus ID, makes it easier for people to undergo the identity and anti-money laundering checks required when seeking advice from a lawyer, accountant or other regulated professional.

We believe in using business as a force for good and our values — access, privacy and trust — are reflected in every business decision and client interaction.

Amiqus ID is the first in a suite of products we’re developing to help people engage with the law, which the Amiqus team took from concept to revenue generation in twelve months.

We’ve partnered with The DataLab, The Open Data Institute, The Royal Society of Edinburgh and were the first startup to win all three categories of the Scottish EDGE fund.

The Scottish entrepreneurial ecosystem has given us many of the opportunities that have led to our success, helping us to pursue growth across the UK, across sectors and across borders from our offices in Edinburgh, Cambridge and London.

Our Values



One million legal cases in the UK go unresolved every year. One in three people can’t find or afford legal expertise when they need it. Four out of five small businesses can’t afford legal help when they need it.

Our core mission is to build tools that provide access to justice — a mission that attracts the best people to our team and provides the moral compass for our business strategy.



International regulation surrounding data protection and anti-money laundering is increasing, leaving firms and regulated professionals exposed to greater risk and penalties if they fail to meet their legal obligations.

We work with sector specific experts and regulators to guide our decision making and product direction. You can trust that we’ll do things right.



We handle and provide access to sensitive personal information, which means we invest a great deal in keeping that information secure.

We value privacy and will never sell our clients’ information to third parties.

You can read our privacy policies in full here.

Memberships and Pledges

Law Society of Scotland - Strategic Partner

Law Society of Scotland - Strategic Partner

We’ve been working hard to address the compliance needs of both law firms and accountants and we're happy to have that work recognised as a strategic partner of the Law Society of Scotland.

Scottish Business Pledge

We were the 300th company to sign the Scottish Business Pledge, meaning we’ve made a commitment to fair pay, while actively promoting equality, opportunity and innovation in the workplace.

Scottish EDGE Pledge

Scottish EDGE Pledge

We’ve benefitted from three wins at Scottish EDGE and that’s why we’ve pledged to donate 1% of any exit gain we make to give other start-ups the same opportunities.

Mettā Network

Mettā Network

We’re part of a network of international entrepreneurs and startups who believe in building a better world through business.

As a litigation funder, we at Balance Legal Capital need to know who our counterparties are. Amiqus ID helps us to reduce counterparty risk with its streamlined, unobtrusive, and cost-effective identity and financial background technology. Amiqus ID will remain part of the technology that we have embraced at Balance to give us a competitive advantage.

— Robert Rothkopf, Managing Partner, Balance Legal Capital

Accessible anywhere

Enabled for any device so clients can undergo checks remotely or in person, saving you and your client time, hassle and expense with our secure online checks.

Reduces risk

Unexpected request to change bank details or suspicious behaviour? Instantly verify accounts and update records, while controlling access to sensitive data.

Convenient for staff

Maintain relationships, recheck remote clients, record internal decision-making with audit trail and meet regulatory compliance with ease.

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