Automated Employment Referencing

Quickly and effortlessly verify references through automated employment referencing

Save 15 to 30 Minutes on Every Candidate Reference Verification

Employment reference checks play a crucial role in pre-employment screening, offering invaluable insights into candidates’ work history.

Traditionally, referencing has been a manual and time-consuming process, leading to prolonged time-to-hire periods. At Amiqus, we have tackled these challenges by introducing robust Automated Employment Referencing.

Experience a streamlined and simplified referencing process that turns hiring into a breeze for recruiters and employers. Download our guide to digital pre-employment checks and candidate onboarding for details.

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Gather Information via Custom Forms Tailored to Your Requirements

With Amiqus’ Automated Referencing, you can tailor custom forms to collect specific details from referees, providing insights beyond basic employment history.

This approach allows you to delve into the candidate’s competencies and behaviours, assessing qualities like collaboration skills, flexibility, independence etc.

You can also inquire about sickness leave history, disciplinary actions, and even seek recommendations to hire or rehire the candidate.

Automated Referencing: Elevate Your Hiring Process with Six Key Benefits

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Effortless Automation

Fully automated process eliminates manual follow-ups, enhancing productivity

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Streamlined Onboarding

Consolidate candidate information for a more efficient onboarding process

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Integrated Candidate Vetting

Seamlessly integrate comprehensive candidate vetting checks into onboarding

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Tailored Question Profiles

Customise questions for diverse teams, departments and roles

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Simplified Candidate Verification

Candidates easily share work history, verified by referees via email

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Secure Compliance Hub

Securely store candidate data, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations

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Why choose Amiqus

Amiqus provides an all-in-one comprehensive solution for onboarding and compliance. You no longer need to depend on multiple providers for different checks or have your data stored in various places. Amiqus offers a complete suite of checks and processes necessary for end-to-end staff/candidate verification and onboarding.

This includes Photo ID verification, Right to Work, DBS and Disclosure Scotland criminal record checks, automated employment referencing, Professional registration confirmation, and more, all within a single digital platform.

Make Your Pre-employment Screening up to 4x faster with Automated Employment Referencing

Book a call for more information about our pre-employment screening solutions, custom pricing, implementations or integrations.

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