Putting security first

Going above and beyond to keep your business safe.

Security is at the heart of everything we do at Amiqus. It’s the first thing we look at when we’re introducing exciting new product features or improving accessibility.

Having guaranteed security is an impossible accolade for any business. But consistently doing everything you can to protect people and businesses from online threats is vital.

Security is so ingrained in our product, we perhaps don’t talk about it enough. So we thought we’d change that. We do a lot behind the scenes to go above and beyond what’s required of us and this month’s new feature is just one example of that.

An extra layer of protection

It’s likely you have your own antivirus software to make sure that the documents that move through your business are virus free. But now, any documents that have been uploaded to Amiqus by a client, candidate or member of your team will be scanned for viruses by us too.

Combined with your own security systems, this significantly reduces the risk of online threats.

Image of the Amiqus interface showing a document and a scanning badge beside it.

Documents will be labelled with a status badge so you’ll know when it’s being scanned and what the outcome of that scan is. Only documents that have been found to have no detected viruses will be available to download.

Image of the Amiqus interface showing a document and a virus detected badge beside it.


Depending on the speed of your connection, the process will take no longer than a minute.


There’s no button for you to push in order to make sure a scan happens. We’ll do it automatically.


Every 6 hours we get an update on all the viruses in the world that we need to scan for.

You can find out more about this feature in our customer help centre.

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don’t be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email [email protected].