Banking information

Our banking information check uses FCA-regulated open banking technology, enabling you to securely verify balances, transactions, payees, income, affordability and source of funds in minutes.


  • Create a faster and more convenient process for you and your clients
  • Use FCA-regulated open banking technology to obtain client banking information, keeping your client’s data as safe as possible
  • No more time wasted chasing bank statements or searching for transactions

“The regulatory requirements which we have to abide by are extremely complex and the integration of Amiqus with open banking has allowed us to build on the strict checks we already have in place to ensure compliance is absolutely watertight.”

Fords Daly Legal

“Being able to check clients’ bank accounts this way is more secure and saves us time. It has also standardised our process across our offices with the help of the pre-populated templates on the system that also has in-built chasers to the client, again saving us time in chasing clients.”

Wallace Quinn

A desktop sized brower window displaying the Amiqus interface showing how to send a request with a banking information check.

How it works

Send your client a request for banking information in a few clicks. You can tailor the request to your needs; you can verify account balances, transaction amounts, account ownership, income and affordability.

Three mobile phones showing different stages of the banking information portal experience.

Using the custom link sent in the request email, your client will arrive at our secure portal. They’ll be directed to their banking provider where they will login to their online banking to provide access to the requested data.

A desktop browser showing Truelayer permission screen to make a connection to Monzo. A mobile phone showing the Monzo app asking the user to choose which account they want to share.

No login data is visible to Amiqus or stored in our system. They are in complete control of what data is shared with you, and how long it can be accessed. They can revoke it at anytime. For more information read our FAQ “is open banking technology secure?”.

If a banking provider is not yet available through open banking, then your client can upload a document or file instead. Removing any extra admin and keeping everything in one place for easy review.

Three mobile phones showing different stages of the banking information portal experience.

“We have hundreds of clients now completing the checks every month without any issues. It is saving the client time and hassle as checks are done through their internet banking in a convenient and secure way. We have found that the clients are completing these quicker in general as opposed to our previous requests for copies of their bank statements.”

Wallace Quinn

Example results

Once your client has completed the banking information check, you’ll be able to:

  • See account details such as account numbers, sort codes and owner name
  • Filter by type of transaction: credit, cash, purchase etc.
  • Filter by amounts
  • Search using specific keywords
  • Export data as a CSV
  • Export data as a PDF

Take a closer look at the check results

Here’s an example of how the results will appear in your Amiqus account.

Result view of Amiqus with filters magnified.


We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about the banking information check below:

Is open banking secure?

Open banking actually provides more security than other methods of sharing banking information. This is because it’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore has to meet the same rigorous standards of banks and other financial institutions. This means much stricter authentication is needed.

The person who has shared their information with you is in control of what data they share and can revoke it at any time. Finally, banking login credentials are never shared with us or any other third party.

Read more about why open banking is safer and more convenient.

How can I reassure my clients that this is safe?

We’ve created a short video to help explain open banking to your client, debunk the myths and help your client feel more comfortable using it.

My clients aren’t tech-savvy. Will they be able to use this?

Accessibility is one of our core values at Amiqus, so everything is built to be as intuitive as possible.

The system will take your client through what is required in a step by step manner and our support team is always at hand if needed.

Early feedback tells us that clients similar to yours have found this to be easier and quicker than they thought.

Is this approved by The Law Society of Scotland?

We are the Law Society of Scotland’s approved partner for AML. For that reason, we build and refine our product in consultation with them, ensuring it meets the latest regulation and the needs of their members.

This new check, powered by open banking, is no exception. Their AML team have been involved in early development of the new check and will continue to be consulted throughout this next phase of development.

Why should I use open banking?

Using open banking technology to obtain banking information is easier and more secure for both you and your client. You’ll no longer need to continuously chase clients for bank statements and you won’t have to deal with poorly cropped screenshots and missing information.

When used in conjunction with the rest of Amiqus’ suite of tools, you will now be able to fully automate your client onboarding process.

Is this going to be an additional cost to my organisation?

You can pass this charge onto your client as part of your fee structure. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have confirmed that this is perfectly acceptable. And spending less time on non-billable activity means you’ll have more time for fee earning work.

What if open banking isn’t available for a banking provider?

Open banking is currently being adopted by the industry with more and more banking providers joining each day. We have a built in fallback if open banking isn’t available for a provider whereby a file or document can be uploaded instead. This reduces any extra admin while keeping everything in one place for each review.

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