Pre-employment checks

Say goodbye to hassle and hello to your new hire.

You need the best people and the brightest minds and recruiting them shouldn’t be a chore. But employers have a duty to prevent fraudulent activity, which means making sure candidates are properly vetted. This involves handling a lot of sensitive information.

For many, this still involves emailing and photocopying personal documents or keeping personal information in paper archives. Not only is this time consuming, it doesn’t create a good candidate experience. And more importantly, it’s putting businesses at risk of falling below the minimum regulatory standards.

Create a candidate experience you can be proud of

Turn weeks of pre-employment paperwork into minutes of remote vetting by enabling candidates to complete checks from their own device.

Our product team works hard to provide your candidate with an accessible, intuitive and trustworthy platform. Benefit from our end-to-end encryption and privacy of information by design.

Access the best talent

Enabling candidates to complete all levels of required security screening from their own personal device and at their own convenience gives you access to the best talent, regardless of location.

How it works

1. Select checks and send request

Your recruiting team sends a request for pre-employment checks via secure email link.

2. Checks are completed remotely or in person

From their own device the candidate securely submits their information and documents for verification.

3. Review submitted documentation and results

Candidate documentation and verification report are instantly received, stored and encrypted within your Amiqus account, ready for your decision.

Book a demo

By booking a demo you’ll get a personalised product walkthrough, advice on your specific business needs and an overview of Amiqus pricing plans.