Intuitive experiences for everyone

How we’re making Amiqus more accessible and intuitive.

Something a little bit different for this month. We thought we’d show you how we’re creating the most intuitive experience possible for you and your clients, regardless of ability. Some of these changes are already available and others will be completed in the next couple of months.

Making sure Amiqus works with screen readers

Visually impaired people may rely on screen readers which will read web pages back to them. Screen readers don’t work well unless the website clearly explains the page to them. The screen reader needs to know whether a line of text is a title, the start of a paragraph or a quote, for example. It’s possible to code the back end of a website so that page structure and content is explicitly clear. This is called semantic code and we’re adding it to all pages.

Accommodate diverse abilities

We’re reviewing the words we use and the way we present them to be appropriate for a diverse range of abilities. This is focused on three key areas:

Legibility: We’re making colour contrasts stronger, font sizes bigger and creating more spacing throughout. We’ve also reduced any visual noise for things that are unimportant, making sure the eye is only drawn to the most important components.

Readability: We’re making sure we use plain spoken words and short sentences, using language at a lower reading level where possible.

Comprehension: We’re looking at every component on the site and making sure it’s clear how you should interact with it. If it’s not obvious what action needs to be taken, it needs to be adjusted.

Make it easier to see and track progress

Right now, when you send a request to a client, there’s a linear process to follow. We’re breaking this up into manageable steps, making it clearer that each can be completed separately. Not being able to complete a particular step should not prevent your clients completing the rest, giving you a better picture of progress and anything they are stuck on.

Tackling the most common issues

Our support team collates feedback from you and your clients and regularly meets with our user research and product teams to troubleshoot. For example, people aren’t aware that they’re able to jump between devices to complete a check or what to do when they don’t have a UK address. We’re adding features to make this as clear as possible.

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don’t be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email [email protected].