Preparing your firm for 2021

How we’ve improved Amiqus over the past year to better prepare you for 2021.

Making your services more accessible and inclusive

With more people doing business online than ever before, it’s never been more important to present websites and software in a way that everyone can access.

This year we improved our product offering so that it was more inline with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s also good for business. It means that all your clients and candidates are able to access Amiqus and start a working relationship with you, regardless of their ability.

Speedier workflows for you and your team

We’re really proud of how quickly a user can complete a compliance check with Amiqus. But thanks to your feedback, we made two big changes to our product this year to allow your team to work faster, more efficiently and with more control.

You no longer have to select the same checks over and over again. Instead, you can now save groups of pre-selected checks into what we’ve called a request template.

We also made it possible to perform an action on multiple people, organisations and requests at once.

Gif of the request template feature being used

A smooth start to new client relationships

Building trust with new clients remotely is a challenge many businesses have faced this year. And with cyber security attacks on the rise, your clients are more wary than ever about the emails they open and interact with.

So we updated the request emails they receive with security focused information to reassure them that their data is encrypted and processed securely. Ultimately, this means they’ll have more trust in your services too.

We also discovered through our research that your clients and candidates were getting confused about what’s expected of them when they complete a check. They were coming to you for guidance or completing things inaccurately, slowing things down for you.

So we added clearer instructions throughout the checking process so your clients are more likely to complete your requests accurately.

Screenshots of the photo ID check start screens

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don’t be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email [email protected].