Clarifying credits

We’ve polished up a few of our screens to help you better understand how credits are managed in your Amiqus account.

Credit history

Good news. You can now see your credit usage history in the product which will show when credits have been added or deducted from your account.

We’ve also added filters so that you can check your credit spend related to a particular person or organisation. This will give you a much clearer breakdown of your expenditure.

Screenshot of credit history

Credit usage

Our support team reported that many of you have found our credit usage displays confusing, so we’ve given them a refresh.

Previously, only account admins knew how many credits had been allocated to requests. We’ve now surfaced this information in the dashboard so everyone in your team can view and understand usage.

We’ve also adjusted the language a little; allocated credits are now called reserved credits (i.e. the number of credits that have been reserved in your account to cover pending checks).

Screenshot of the credit usage on dashboard

What else is new?

  • WatchlistWhen completing a watchlist check, you might see some new fields. Our supplier has added these and they will show when appropriate.
  • Photo IDWhen we upgraded the Photo ID experience a couple of months ago, we introduced a ‘live document capture’ feature via our supplier. We think this may have contributed to an increase in blurry images being submitted, so we’ve reverted back to the original document capture process for now.

These changes are the direct result of your feedback, so don’t be shy, if you have any comments, ideas or questions email [email protected].